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EXCITEMENT A Revue by Robert Nesbitt; musical arrangements by Debroy Summers. London Casino - 8 March, 1952 The CAST included; Jimmy Jewel, Ben Warriss, The Rekoffs, Larry Day, Simone Dolphen, Enid Lowe, Herbert Hare, Danya and Alvarez, Les Trois Cousines, George Hamilton, The Remi Martell Dancers, Daphne Kiernander, Margit and Margot, Pedro de Cordoba, The Craddocks and the Casa Casino Orchestra Produced by Robert Nesbitt Costumes designed by Anthony Holland, Slade Lucas and David de Bethel : Dances arranged by Daphne Kiernander : Décor by Edward Delaney PROGRAMME 1. Rhapsody In Rhythm (Ronnie Aldrich) - The Casa Casino Ensemble 2. Excitement (Words and Music by Ronnie Hill) - Jimmy Jewel and Ben Warriss 3. La Belle et le Bête - The Refoffs 4. Vive la Beauté a) Larry Day introduces the Beauties of the Past b) Venus Awakes 1952 (Her ‘Love’liness’) Gloria George “Wonderful Feeling” & “Lovely Lady” - Lyrics by Carroll Coates and Geoffrey Parsons; Music by Carroll Coates 5. Tone and Timbre - Jimmy Jewel and Ben Warriss 6. Paris Is Always Exciting (Paris est Paradis) - Lyrics by Ronnie Hill & Roland Leigh; Music by Peter Yorke Les Gendarmes - Ilena Manova, Heather Houghton, Valerie Pikin & Bunty Kennedy Les Voyageuses - Joyce Simpson, Moya Macormack, Lynne Russell & Barbara Hatswell La Petite Gosse - Gloria George (a) Morning - La Rue de la Paix featuring Danya and Alvarez (b) Noon - Le Bois be Boulogne - Featuring Jimmy Jewel and Ben Warris with Enid Lowe (c) Midnight - Montparnasse - Les Zazous: The Remi Martel Dancers (d) Tout Paris introduced by Larry Day: La Danseuse - Daphne Kiernander - Tour Eiffel Mdlle Paname Enid Lowe Les Touristes: Jimmy Jewel & Ben Warris Entr’acte 7. Cirque Brilliant Mistress of the Ring: Daphne Kiernander