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Stars of the Ring: The Ensemble 8. Shore Leave - The Craddocks 9. The Toast of the Town Scene: a private room at Maxim’s, 1910 Jimmy Jewel & Ben Warriss Yvette - Enid Lowe; The Waiter - George Hamilton 10. Excitado Larry Day and Los Senoritas-Introduce Pedro de Cordoba. Cote d’Azur “Too Much of the Sun” - Words and Music by Ronnie Hill Les Baigneuses - The Casino Girls and Models Les Deux Ensemble : Margit & Margot 11. Rendezvous De Folie - Jimmy Jewel And Ben Warriss with Enid Lowe 12. Summer Night La Belle au Bois : Gloria George L’amant inconnu: Larry Day La Foule Féerique - The Ensemble 13. Moongold Masquerade - The Ensmble The Casa Casino Orchestra Choreography by Remi Martel / Jack Skinner / Ted Monson / Malcolm MacDonald / Veit Bethke