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ENGAGED! or Cheviot's Choice Based on the play by W.S. Gilbert; Music by Sir Arthur Sullivan Adapted by George Rowell and Kenneth Mobbs. (See below for 1925 American production) Performing version: This version was first performed by the Bristol Opera School 27 March, 1962. First professional production of this version at Theatre Royal, Windsor - 6 November. 1962 THE STORY (Edwardian England) (Rowell & Mobbs adaptation) This high spirited and fast moving romp, with its many unexpected twists and turns, is enhanced by the music and lyrics of Gilbert and Sullivan. Belinda, travelling to Scotland to escape marrying Major Muggeridge, is accompanied by Belvawney. On the same train travel Cheviot Hill and his uncle Symperson. Unfortunately for them the train is wrecked by Angus MacAlister, who makes a habit of this, in order that Mrs MacFarlane and her beautiful daughter, Maggie, may cash extra money by putting the passengers up in their cottage. Because of the delay caused by the crash, Major Muggeridge catches up with Belinda, and in order to save her, Cheviot announces he is her husband, and she says she is his wife. Neither realise that, in Scottish law, just the statement of this constitutes a true marriage. Months later Belinda, still looking for the man she 'married' in Scotland, arrives at the house of Symperson's daughter, Minnie, on the day of her wedding to Cheviot. Matters are further complicated by the arrival of Maggie to whom the incorrigible Cheviot has also proposed. The problems appear insurmountable, and yet all ends happily with Angus MacAlister marrying Maggie, and a double wedding for Cheviot and Belinda, and Minnie and Belvawney. Characters • Minnie Symperson (Soprano) • Maggie MacFarlane (Soprano) • Belinda Treherne (Mezzo Soprano) • Mrs Macfarlane - (Contralto) • Cora - Chief Bridesmaid - (Soprano) • Dora - (Soprano); Flora (Contralto or Mezzo Soprano); Nora (Contralto or Mezzo Soprano) - Bridesmaids • Cheviot Hill - (Baritone) • Belvawney - (Bass-Baritone) • Angus MacAlister - (Tenor) • Symperson -(Bass or Baritone) • Major Muggeridge of the Peterborough Sokes - (Bass) CHORUS of Lowland Lassies, Train Travellers, Officers of the Peterborough Sokes and Wedding Guests PRINCIPAL MUSICAL NUMBERS • Some Look For Love (Cheviot)