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MUSICAL NUMBERS PRELUDE ACT 1. a. - Chorus: "Nobles of Castilian birth." b. - Recitative and Solos: "Oh, beautiful land of Spain." e. - Recitative Solo and Chorus: "From Peru's majestic mountains." a. - Chorus: "Don Medigun, all for thy coming wait." b. - Solo and Chorus: "If you examine human kind." a. - Melodrama b. - Solo and Chorus: "When we hear the call for battle." Solo and Chorus: "Oh, spare a daughter." a. - Chorus: "Lo, the awful man approaches." b. - Solo and Chorus: "You see in me." FINALE ACT 1 - "Bah! Bahl" ACT 2 . a. - Introduction b. - Solo and Chorus: "Ditty of the Drill!' c. - Solo and Chorus: "Behold El Capitan". Duet: "I've a most decided notion." Double Chorus and Solo: "Bowed with tribulation." Recitative Solo and Chorus: "Oh, Warrior Grim." Sextette: "Don Medigun, here's your wife." FINALE ACT 2 - "He can not, must not, shall not." ACT 3 . Intoduction, Duet and Refrain: "Sweetheart, I'm waiting." Song: "When some serious affliction." Ditty: "The typical tune of Zanzibar.) Chorus and Entrance of Spanish troops FINALE. "we beg your kind consideration." SCENES AND SETTINGS LOCALE, Peru. TIME, During Spanish possession. Act 1. - Interior Viceregal Palace sunset Act 2. - Exterior Prison - Day. Act 3. - Exterior Viceregal Palace Night.