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EL CAPITAN An operetta in 3 acts; Libretto by Charles Klein; Lyrics by Charles Klein and Tom Frost; Music by John Philip Sousa. Produced under the management of B. D. STEVENS. Stage - Director - H. A. CRIPPS: Director of Music - JOHN S. HILLER. Broadway Theatre, New York; 20 April, 1896 (112 perfs) Lyric Theatre, London; 10 July, 1899 (140 perfs) STORY At the time of the Spanish possession of Peru, Don Medigua has been appointed viceroy. His predecessor, Luiz Cazzaro, is attempting to regain power. Rebel forces are planning an attack on the palace, and Don Medigua, who is not at all inclined towards fighting, fears assassination. The rebels are soon to be joined by the dauntless leader El Capitain, whose exploits have often been broadcast even by Don Medigua. Medigua manages to have El Capitain secretly exterminated, however. He then disguises himself as El Capitain with the intent of leading the rebel forces to defeat, revealing his true identity, and then hanging the rebel leaders. He reasons that he could not lose, even in the unlikely event that the rebels should win. Medigua's masquerade passes the test, and he takes his place at the head of the rebel forces. The rebels capture Pozzo, the Chamberlain, believing him to be the viceroy. Princess Marghanza, Medigua's wife, and Isabel, Medigua's daughter, are aghast upon hearing the false report that the viceroy is in rebel hands. They organize a search party and seek out El Capitain to plead for their loved one's release. But there is a complication. Estrelda, daughter of the former viceroy, has been charmed by the many tales of El Capitain's bravery and falls in love with him. Since El Capitain (i.e., Don Medigua) is already a married man, he is quite uncomfortable. And one of the rebels, Scaramba, is quite jealous because he is himself in love with Estrelda. When confronted by his wife and daughter, Medigua is unable to conceal his real identity for long. He privately tells them the whole story, and they have not choice but to accept the situation. Before these internal matters can be straightened out, a Spanish army is discovered nearby, and Medigua is obligated to lead the rebels against it. In the midst of all this, Isabel is being courted by Count Hernando Verrada, who has accompanied the search party. Medigua purposely leads the rebels in circles until they are too tired to fight, and the Spanish army overtakes them. The Spaniards are honouring Pozzo as the liberated viceroy when Princess Marghanza arrives to properly identify Pozzo and Don Medigua and end the confusion. She is then reunited with her husband, and he offers the hand of Isabel to Verrada. Scaramba wins Estrelda, and all ends happily. CAST - with names of original performers • DON ERRICO MEDIGUA, Recently appointed Viceroy of Peru - DE WOLF HOPPER. • SENOR AMABILE POZZO, Chamberlain, etc., etc. - ALFRED KLEIN. • DOM LUTZ CAZARRO, Ex-Viceroy, the deposed Governor - T S. GUISE. • COUNT HERNANDO VERRADA, - A Peruvian Gentleman & Isobel's lover - EDMUND STANLEY. • SCARAMBA, An Insurgent, an officer in Cazarro's forces - JOHN W. PARR. • NEVADO (HARRY P STONE) / MONTALBA (ROBERT POLLARD), His Companions • GENERAL HERBANA, Commander of Spanish Forces - L. C. SHRADER. • ESTRELDA, Cazarro's Daughter EDNA WALLACE-HOPPER. • PRINCESS MARGHANZA, Medigua's Wife ALICE HOSMER. • ISABEL, Medigua's Daughter BERTHA WALTZINGER. • Spanish and Peruvian Ladies and Gentlemenm, Soldiers etc.