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DEPARTURE LOUNGE A musical by Douglas Irvine Waterloo East, London - September 30th – October 31st, 2010 SYNOPSIS A musical about four lads stuck in Malaga airport departure lounge awaiting a delayed flight on the way back from a drunken after-A-level holiday. Delayed at Malaga Airport after a week in the sun to celebrate their graduation from school, four less-than-innocent 18 year olds caught between adolescence and adulthood reminisce about their time together. It soon becomes clear that their individual memories of the holiday are at odds, particularly when it comes to romance and the girl on all their minds…. Is she as innocent as we’re lead to think and will the boys friendships hold firm as they all face a coming of age? The boys, posh kid with a "Landan" accent JB, intelligent outsider Ross, Jordon, the quiet lady-killer with a secret, and badly sunburnt hard man Pete, present a familiar spectacle of bawdy laddish friendship. The balance of their politically incorrect joshing gets upset by rivalry concerning "a bit of a tart" they met during the trip, called Sophie. With ensuing flashbacks, anger, soul searching, and musings about being stuck in the departure lounge of life, the simple premise of boredom and coming of age makes every element is completely over the top. Macho dances and elaborate musical arrangements (notable is a scatting four-part harmony using only the word "gay") are performed with enough energy to cover any plot holes. CAST: J.B. - The Posh Kid Sophie - a bit of a tart Pete - the badly sunburnt hard man Jordan - the quiet lady-killer with a secret Ross - the intelligent outsider MUSICAL NUMBERS Brits on Tour - J.B., Jordan, Pete, Ross Brand New Sophie - Ross, JB, Jordan & Pete Secret (Part 1) - Jordan Thursday Night (Part 1) Thursday Night (Part 2) Do You Know What I Think of You? - J.B., Ross Secret (Part 2) Why Do We Say Gay? Picture Book - Pete Spanish Hospitality Left Spain - JB, Jordan, Pete & Ross Left Spain (Reprise)