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THE DELUDED BRIDEGROOM Music by W.A. Mozart Adapted, with English words by John Coombs THE STORY (Late 18th century) The scene is a drawing-room where we find a young lady, Bettina, betrothed against her will to the foolish but rich Pulcherio, newly succeeded to a dukedom. By pretending to faint, Bettina managers to postpone the wedding long enough for her impecunious lover, Almiro, to obtain proof that he is the true heir to the dukedom. Thus Almiro turns the tables on Pulcherio and the scheming lawyer, Bocconio. Though originally planned as a full length entertainment with chorus, this work was left largely incomplete at the composer's death. This adaptation utilises Mozart's fragments to make a chamber piece for four characters lasting half an hour. PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS Bettina Pulcherio Almiro Bocconio INSTRUMENTATION (Total number of books=14) 2 Violins I 1 Violin II 1 Viola 1 Cello 1 Double Bass 1 Flutes I/II 1 Oboes I/II 1 Clarinets I/II 1 Bassoons I/II 1 Horns I/II 1 Trumpets I/II 1 Timpani 1 Conductor Score - annotated vocal score VOCAL SCORE The Deluded Bridegroom ... Adapted, with English words, by John Coombs. Vocal score, etc