Shows D

PART TWO 15. THE GEOPHYSICAL YEAR Laurie Morton, Brenda Doyle, David Kelly. Michael Murray 16. PERSECUTED PEOPLE - Milo O’shea, Maureen Toal, Charles Roberts 17. KEEP HOT IN PARIS - Brenda Doyle. Michael Murray 18. IRELAND’S ANGRY OLD MAN Compere - Laurie Morton Jimmy “Porter” Boyle - David Kelly Cliff “Joxer” Daly Milo O’Shea Alison “Juno” Boyle - Maureen Toal Helena Mary - Brenda Doyle Col. Bentham - Michael Murray 19. DIVERSION WITH MUSIC - Laurie Morton 20. THE CROSS-CHANNEL ACT Compere - Maureen Toal Brothers - Milo O’Shea, Michael Murray 21. THE VANISHING IRISH Kate Binchy 22. IN FATHER’S CONSERVATORY Laurie Morton, David Kelly, Kate Binchy 23. I’LL BE THERE! - Milo O’Shea 24. NICE GIRL - Maureen Toal 25. HOME AND COLONIAL - David Kelly 26. FLAMENCO FINALE - The Company