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DUBLIN PIKE FOLLIES A revue : Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith. 25 November 1957 (Season) CAST included: Milo O'Shea, Laurie Morton, Michael Murray, Kate Binchy, Maureen Toal, Brenda Doyle, David Kelly & Lelia Doolin Devised & Directed by Alan Simpson; Book and Lyrics by Carolyn Swift; Music by George Desmond Hodnett; Settings by Reginal Gray; Choreography by Connie Ryan & Brenda Doyle. PART ONE 1. DUBLIN PIKE FOLLIES - The Company with Milo O’Shea 2. TITLE NUMBER FROM THE FILM (HOGSVILLE) - Brenda Doyle, Michael Murray 3. MANNEQUIN PARADE (LES MANNEQUINS DES FOLIES) Compere - Kate Bingen Measa Ni Hemlchain - Maureen Toal 4. EVERYWHERE I GO - Michael Murray, Brenda Doyle 5. CHECKMATE - Laurie Morton 6. SHAKESPEARIAN MOMENT - Michael Murray, David Kelly 7. I COULDN’T SAY “YES!” - Brenda Doyle 8. LULLABYE - Maureen Toal, Charles Roberts 9. WAITING FOR ALOYSIUS (WILD LIFE IN DUBLIN) Actress - Laurie Morton Aubrey - David Kelly His Drinking Companion - Brenda Doyle Aloysius - Milo O’Shea 10. THAT MAN! - Alan Simpson or Charles Roberts 11. ANNABELLE - Maureen Toal, Milo O’Shea 12. DO YOU FOLLOWME? Compere - Michael Murray Enrico - David Kelly Gianetta - Laurie Morton Anita - Lelia Doolan 13. LEE-WAY - Milo O’Shea 14. CUCHULAINN AND THE RAVEN Compere - Kate Binchy The Ballerina - Brenda Doyle The Guest Artist - Michael Murray Two Coryphées - Laurie Morton & Lelia Doolan The Understudy - Milo O’Shea The Stage Hand - Charles Roberts INTERVAL