Shows D

the Dreams' farewell concert, Effie rejoins the group on stage, and all four Dreams sing their signature song, "Dreamgirls" one last time before their breakup. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. I'm Looking for Something 2. Goin' Downtown 3. Takin' the Long Way Home 4. Move (You're Steppin' on My Heart) 5. Party, Party 6. I Want You Baby 7. Family 8. Dreamgirls 9. Press Conference 10. Only the Beginning 11. Heavy 12. It's All Over 13. And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going 14. Love, Love You Baby 15. Dreams' Medley 16. I Am Changing 17. One More Picture Please 18. When I First Saw You 19. Got to Be Good Times 20. Ain't No Party 21. I Meant You No Harm 22. Quintette 23. The Rap 24. I Miss You Old Friend 25. One Night Only 26. I'm Somebody 27. Faith in Myself 28. Hard to Say Goodbye, My Love INSTRUMENTATION: Violin, cello, trumpet, trombone, French horn, woodwinds, keyboards, guitars, bass, drums, percussion. CAST: - 23 parts, 11 principals in a predominantly black cast. Total cast 35-50. C. C. White and Curtis, actors who sing and dance. James Thunder Early, winning personality, strong nightclub singer who can move well. Lorrell, Deena, and Michelle, fashion-plate singers with excellent voices who act and dance. Effie, full-figured gospel singer with exceptional dramatic talent. Marty, Wayne, Dave, and Tiny Joe Dixon, supporting actors who sing and dance. SCENES AND SETS: - 2 acts, 20 lightning-paced scenes, mostly area sets that flow in and out of limbo and are very simple. A platform with a piano, a name in lights, a photographer's cyclorama, lights, and a camera suggest a more complete scene. Five gliding towers. The emphasis is on costumes and lights. Act 1 Scene 1: The Apollo Theatre Scene 2: On the Road Scene 3: A Recording Studio Scene 4: Limbo Scene 5: A Hotel in St. Louis Scene 6: Miami Scene 7: Dressing Room in the Atlantic Hotel Scene 8: Cleveland Scene 9: A TV Studio Scene 10: San Francisco Scene 11: Las Vegas (backstage) Scene 12: Las Vegas (on stage Act II Scene I: Las Vegas Hilton Scene 2: Chicago Nightclub Scene 3: Vogue Magazine Photo Call Scene 4: National Democratic Fundraiser Scene 5: A Chicago Recording Studio Scene 6: Los Angeles Scene 7: Chicago Scene 8: New York