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PERIOD AND COSTUME: The early 60s to the early 70s. 18 sets (3 each) of stunning nightclub show gowns. Men's formal wear, men's pinstripe, casual, and regular suits, everyday sports clothes, evening wear, female jump-suits, photographer's smocks, men's hip casual wear, matching costume jackets for five male singers and three other groups, winter overcoats, men's hats. About 50 wigs, many with exotic hair styles. CHOREOGRAPHY: Constant rhythm/rock movement, nightclub acts, jazz, disco, production numbers, rapid-paced overlapping scene changes. LIGHTING AND SPECIAL EFFECTS: Heavy and tight area lighting with dissolve-like changes as action shifts around the stage. Drop of patterned light bulbs. "The Dreams" name in 8-foot lighted letters, follow spots. Note: Dreamgirls is fiction that closely matches the history of Motown's The Supremes singing group, both in sound and in history to the point when stardom was achieved. Even more, it tells the story of a composite of black groups that reached public acclaim in the 60s. DISCOGRAPHY Dreamgirls (Original London Cast Recording)