Shows "C"

(“Rose Stopnick Can Cook”). Rose confesses to her father, Mr. Stopnick, that she is unhappy as well (“Long Distance”). After work, Caroline argues with her friend Dotty about each other’s lifestyles (“Dotty and Caroline”). The moon rises as they wait for a bus (“Moon Change”). They discuss the recent mysterious destruction of a statue of a Confederate soldier at the courthouse (“Moon Trio”). The bus arrives with devastating news: President Kennedy has been assassinated (“The Bus/That Can’t Be”). Rose tells Noah to stop leaving money in his pants pockets, and that any money Caroline finds in his laundry will be hers to keep (“Noah and Rose”). The Gellman family reminisces about the good President Kennedy did for the Jews—and Dotty reminisces about the good he intended to do for African Americans (“Inside/Outside/JFK”). On the front porch of her house, Caroline tells her teenage daughter Emmie that the president is dead. Emmie says she does not care, because JFK never fulfilled his promises to the black community (“No One Waiting/Night Mama”). Noah, awake in his bedroom, asks Caroline what laws she would pass if she were president (“Gonna Pass Me a Law/Noah Goes To Sleep”). Rose tells Caroline she is allowed to keep any money she finds in Noah’s pants, to supplement her salary and teach Noah a lesson (“Noah Has a Problem”). Noah and his father, Stuart, have trouble bonding (“Stuart and Noah”). Noah, aware of her situation, purposefully leaves his candy and comic book money in his pockets, as well as seventy-five cents (“Quarter in the Bleach Cup”). Caroline feels bad about keeping it, but does so, out of necessity. Caroline brings the money to Emmie, Jackie, and Joe who discuss all the things they can do and things they can buy with it (“Caroline Takes My Money Home/Roosevelt Petrucius Coleslaw”). ACT TWO As Christmas approaches Caroline, ironing clothes in the basement, remembers her ex-husband, who was kind and thoughtful until he became abusive (“Santa Comin’ Caroline/ Little Reward/1943”). Rose tells Caroline to keep any money Stuart leaves in his clothes as well but Caroline snaps at Rose saying she doesn’t need her pity or money and threatens her with the iron (“Mr. Gellman’s Shirt”/”Ooh Child”). Rose then asks if she, Dotty, and Emmie will work at her upcoming Chanukah party (“Rose Recovers”). Emmie, Jackie, and Joe encourage her to keep taking the laundry money, because the family needs it (“I Saw Three Ships”). At the Chanukah party, Noah educates Emmie about the holiday (“The Chanukah Party”). Rose shoos Noah out of the kitchen (“Noah, Out! It’s Very Rude”) and Dotty tells Emmie about the courthouse statue (“Dotty and Emmie”). When Mr. Stopnick belittles Martin Luther King Jr.’s nonviolent civil disobedience, Emmie tells him white people have no right to be critical (“I Don’t Want My Child To Hear That/Mr. Stopnick and Emmie”). Mr. Stopnick is impressed with Emmie’s bravado, but Caroline tells her she cannot talk that way to white people; Emmie retorts that slavery is over (“Kitchen Fight”). Mr. Stopnick’s Chanukah present to Noah is a $20 bill, intended as a life lesson about money and its value (“A Twenty Dollar Bill and Why”). At the bus stop, Emmie dreams of growing up to be independent and fighting for justice (“I Hate the Bus”). Back at the house, Stuart laments that he can give neither Rose nor Noah what they need (“Moon, Emmie, Stuart Trio”). Noah inadvertently leaves the $20 bill in his pants; after school he rushes to the basement, but Caroline has found it and says she is keeping it, per their agreement (“The Twenty Dollar Bill”). Noah and Caroline exchange racial insults, then Caroline returns the money and leaves (“Caroline and Noah Fight”). After five days, Caroline has not returned to work (“Aftermath”). That Sunday on her way to church, Caroline realizes that the laundry money had only fostered greed and hatefulness; she asks God to free her from earthly desires (“Sunday Morning/Lot’s Wife”). The radio sings of a fierce heartbreak (“Salty Teardrops”). At church, Caroline gives Emmie a fierce hug and accepts her daughter’s choices (“How Long Has This Been Going On?”). Noah finally lets Rose tuck him into bed and kiss him goodnight. Caroline returns to work and assures Noah that they will be friends again (“Why Does Our House Have a Basement?”/”Underwater”). Emmie reveals that she helped take down the Confederate soldier statue, and proudly sings that she is the daughter of a maid, but she will continue to work for a greater cause, and her children will have a brighter future. Jackie and Joe come out to shush her and she tells them that it is up to the children of Caroline Thibedeaux to change the future (“Epilogue”).