Shows "C"

CHARACTER BREAKDOWN - Principals: 7 female, 22 male Barmaid Bill long Carlo Fantocinni - Grandfather Fantocinni's son Caroline Cottenham Chaplain - Chaplain at Cold Bath Fields House of Correction Charlie Clarke Constable Pratt Daffy Donkin Elisa - Carlo and Mrs. Flockton's daughter Grandfather Fantocinni Jack Wilkes Jem Barnes Jimmy Pender Joe Conerley Jones Judge Prinseps Lady Caroline Watson - Lord Kensington's mistress Lestock Peacock - Lord Kensington's attorney Lord Kensington Maria Taylor Mario - Carlo and Mrs. Flockton's son Mr. Leach - The Punch and Judy man Mrs. Flockton - Carlo's common law wife Ned Stirrick - Known as the Captain Petra - Carlo and Mrs. Flockton's daughter Rico - Carlo and Mrs. Flockton's son Street Girl Street Trader The Fantocinnis: The Gang: The Poor: The Rich: Thief Thomas Gray Tommy - A blind boy Town crier Warder William Perfect - Sausage man, in league with Stirrick Passers-by, Indigents, StreetVendors, Constables, Urchins Peg Clarke - The Ballad Singer Percival Simms - Lord Kensington's secretary INSTRUMENTATION: clarinet, trumpet, trombone, percussion, guitar, concertina, violin SCRIPT AND SCORE