Shows "C"

Kensington then slaps Gray around until he confesses that he works for Stirrick - who really works for Perfect. Gray then promises to tell them everything, show them all the other kids/thieves, and take them to where Stirrick stores all his loot - as long as they don't beat him anymore. The scene changes to Puddle Dock, the wharf beside the Thames where the stolen goods are stashed. The bewildered children enter tired and nervous. Stirrick is there - drained and quiet. They are awaiting Perfect's arrival--for he comes every night. While they wait, they notice that Gray is not amongst them. Perfect enters in a panic telling them that the authorities have Gray and that he's probably telling them everything. Gray enters followed by a Constable, who drags Stirrick out. Stirrick is next seen alone in his prison cell when Mr. Punch appears to him one more time. The puppet questions Stirrick until he finally punches him. Stirrick then hears Rico's voice. It tries to manipulate him into believing that the story of his father's death and everything else is just a lie. To avoid this, he tries to sing to Mr. Punch like he used to as a baby. The puppet continues to mock Stirrick until he grabs it and strangles it to silence. Gray enters and questions Stirrick. Stirrick has a total breakdown--hearing voices screaming all around him. He is haunted by many images until suddenly he wakes up back in Cold Bath Fields - where the show opened. The other children are shouting at him. It appears that Stirrick has been screaming in his sleep for quite some time. The Chaplain and Warder burst in and drag him out to clean him up for his trial. The other kids ransack the bag Stirrick left behind. There they find puppets, a red coat, and a knife--all things Stirrick talked about in his "story." The kids realize that Stirrick told them his story - not one that was made up! The kids continue with their game having another kid tell a tale. The cycle starts again - this time with Jimmy. Poor Stirrick is going to meet his end tomorrow for having killed another man. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Roll Up - Jem, Bill, Peg, Voices, Company 2. Before The Ending Of The Day - Solo, Company 3. The Court Of Pie Powder - Company 4. Turkey Rhubarb - Tommy 5. Now I Comes Up From Twickenham - Bill, Solo, Trio, Company 6. Slope Your Arms - Stirrick 7. The Hue and Cry 8. Botany Bay - Solo, Company 9. Take A Toff 10. Signor Fantocinni - Fantocinnis, Company 11. The Weary Cutters - Peg, Two Others 12. A Chapter Of Cheats - The Gang, Fantocinnis 13. Hush A Bye Baby - The Gang 14. My Friend Mr. Punch - The Gang 15. The Ballad Of Ned Stirrick - Peg 16. He Who Lies - Four Gang Members 17. Ballad - Reprise 18. Ballad – Conclusion CAST size: Large (over 20) Cast type: Children in Cast, Ensemble Cast - Many featured roles, Mainly Men, Strong/Large Chorus Dance requirement: Standard (Musical Staging/Some Dance/Optional)