Shows "C"

MUSICAL NUMBERS (vocal score) ACT I - The Candy Shop. 1. Opening Chorus - "Working, clerking, selling candies to the ladies and the dandies, packing bon-bons sweet, for the girls and the boys a treat..." 2. Song - John Sweet - "When I was but a simple youth I found I had a very sweet tooth; oh, I was fond of candy! ... No one could blame you for that, sir..." 3. Duet - Jack Sweet and Hilda - "I know you're just a little candy shop girl, selling bon-bons all the day, working till I'd almost think you'd drop, girl..." 4. Duet (composed by W. E. MacQuinn and John L. Golden, quartet arranged by Ribé Danmark).- Jack and Girls, with Male Quartet - "The dearest girl I ever knew I tried to win with pet names rare. I called her Sweetie, I called her Ootsey-oo ..." 5. Song - Saul - "Have you ever had a sneaky feeling stealing down your spine? Your head was hot, your feet were full of chills; your appetite was missing..." 6. Duet - Gilbert and Hilda - "I tell you, kid, these actor folks are getting all the stuff - thousands ev'ry week in Vaudeville. We could get it too..." 7. Duet - Gilbert, Hilda & Chorus - "Songs that are sung of a fellow's own girl can't go wrong; easy to catch and to keep you a-whirl. (The girl?) No, the song." 8. Finale Act I - "Who among you stole that jewel; answer me and go! Did you?" etc... "You? Someone saw it, someone had it, someone must confess..." ACT II - Coney Island. 9. Chorus - "There is an Island where pleasure's a-whirl, down by the shores of the ocean; ev'ryone there is a boy or a girl, beaming with love and devotion..." 10. Chorus - "Mister Wireless Operator, can't you find my beau? He's somewhere across the sea. By wireless ... I can try if you'll dictate..." 11. Song - Sally and Chorus - "I never had no teacher and I never went to school, but I learned myself to read, and that's the truth. To study, as a starter..." 12. Chinese Love Duet - Gilbert and Hilda - "China Boy he lik-a serenade a lily girl, so he sing a lilly chinee tune. China Boy he kind-a velly poor jus' now..." 13. Song - Mrs. Gregory and Chorus - "Miss 'Liza and her Ephriham went to a Shakespeare show; she'd never seen a tragedy before..." 14. Ensemble - "Down on our block, ev'ry night about eight o'clock ... wasn't it great! After the meal from the house the boys and girls would steal......" The Candy Shop: 1909 Musical Comedy: Complete Book and Lyrics (Historical Libretto Series 25)