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THE CANDY SHOP A Summer Entertainment (Musical Comedy) in 2 Acts. Book by George V. Hobart. Music and lyrics by John L. Golden. (Additional lyrics by Henry Blossom.) Knickerbocker Theatre, New York - 27th April - 12th June, 1909 (49 perfs). SYNOPSIS The story tells of the adventures of Jack Sweet after his own father accuses him of theft. Jack and his friends go to Coney Island, where Jack obtains a job as a waiter. He falls in love with Hilda Noble who turns out to be an heiress. Jack clears his good name in time for a happy ending. CAST: John Sweet, proprietor of the candy shop Jack Sweet, his son Hilda Noble, a shop girl Saul Wright, a tailor Sally Ann, his daughter Gilbert Grand, a soda fountain attendant Mrs. Gregory, a widow Mrs. Bashfield, in charge of the candy shop Mrs. Montrose Quilligan, a suffragette Ned Johnson, a proprietor at Coney Island Rufus, a detective Genevieve, cashier in the candy shop Mr. Squills, a candy drummer Miss Glick Miss Meddle Sue, Settle, the Alimony Sisters Friends of Mrs. Gregory, Shop Girls, Matinee Girls, Dancing Girls, Chicago Girls, Yachtsmen, etc. MUSICAL NUMBERS (programme) ACT 1 1. Opening Chorus (Working, clerking, selling candies, etc.) 2. "Now That I've Got It, I Don't Want It " (Solo and Chorus) - John, Girls 3. "Just We Two" (Duet) - Jack, Hilda 4. "Honey Bunch" (Solo and Ensemble) - Jack, Sue, Settle 5. "I've Been Married Once" (Solo) - Saul 6. "In Vaudeville" (Duet and Ensemble) - Gilbert, Hilda 7. "You're My Girl" (Duet) - Gilbert, Hilda 8. Finale (Who Among You Stole That Jewel?) - Entire Company ACT 2 9. Opening Chorus (There Is an Island) - Entire Company 10. "By Wireless" (Double Octette) - Boys, Girls 11. "Help! And the Villain Goes to Jail" (Solo and Chorus) - Sally Ann 12. "Chinese Love Song" (Duet) - Gilbert, Hilda 13. "Mr. Othello" (Solo) - Mrs Gregory 14. "Meet Me Down on the Corner" - Gilbert, Sally Ann SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1: The Candy Shop. Act 2: Coney Island