Shows "C"

5. The Peculiar Institution - The Enslaved 6. If Prayin' Were Horses - Clayton Tholer, Bessie Tholer 7. Greenback - Autolycus Fell, Mrs Bixby, Violet 8. Missing You (My Bill) - Sarah McEwen 9. Judgement Day - Captain Billy Pierce, Captain Emmet Lochran, Private Sam Taylor, the Armies 10. Father, How Long? - Clayton Tholer 11. Someday - Harriet Jackson, Bessie Tholer, Others 12. I'll Never Pass This Way Again - Voice of President Lincoln 13. How Many Devils? - The Armies ACT 2 14. Virginia - Captain Billy Pierce 15. Candle in the Window - Harriet Jackson 16. Oh! Be Joyful! - Autolycus Fell, Sergeant Byron Richardson Private Conrad Bock, Private Charles Spencer 17. The Hospital - Mrs Bixby, Violet, Union Soldiers, Clayton Tholer 18. If Prayin' Were Horses (reprise) - Clayton Tholer, Bessie Tholer 19. River Jordan - Benjamin Reynolds, others 20. Sarah - Corporal William McEwen 21. The Honour of Your Name - Sarah McEwen 22. Greenback (reprise) - Autolycus Fell, Violet 23. Northbound Train - Captain Emmet Lochran 24. Last Waltz for Dixie - Captain Billy Pierce, Confederate Soldiers 25. The Glory - Captain Emmet Lochran, Frederick, Benjamin Reynolds, Full Company In the subsequent national tour the order of musical numbers was substantially revised; added were • Brother My Brother • Old Gray Coat • I Never Knew His Name • The Day the Sun Stood Still DISCOGRAPHY: The Complete Works - Atlantic Theatre 83091-2 ORCHESTRATION BASS; DRUMS; GUITAR; GUITAR 2; WIND CONTROLLER; KEYBOARD 2; VIOLIN/MANDOLIN Concept Cast Album