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Elsewhere, Confederate soldiers amass and discuss the fate of defeat that they know is coming their way (“Last Waltz for Dixie”). Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 2, 1863. The two armies are waiting for dawn to break on the second day of the battle as the sun rises on a wall of mist and the two armies face each other. The Union soldiers train their guns on the Confederate line, hidden by the fog. Lochran stands apart, calling on his soldiers to give their utmost for “The Glory.” Pierce emerges with his men, knowing “the time to stand has come at last... / the bridge is burned, the dye is cast.” The battle commences; fog and smoke cover the stage, revealing only battle flags and bayonets. When the fog dissipates, the stage is covered in fallen soldiers. A woman appears looking for a loved one, whom she finds among the fallen. She cradles him and sings as others arrive, also looking for their loved ones. Frederick Douglas enters and gives narration to the events that followed; the surrender of the Confederacy, Lincoln’s second inauguration... and subsequent assassination. Eventually, Lincoln’s own voice takes over as the soldiers rise to return to the tableau from which they all began. CAST: Union Army: Captain Emmet Lochran Sergeant Patrick Anderson Sergeant Byron Richardson Corporal William McEwen Private Conrad Bock Private Charles Spencer Private Nathaniel Taylor Of the Confederate Army: Captain Billy Pierce Sergeant Virgil Franklin Corporal John Beauregard Corporal Henry Stewart Private Darius Barksdale Private Cyrus Stevens Private Sam Taylor Frederick Douglass Clayton Tholer Benjamin Reynolds Exter Thomas Harriet Jackson Liza Hughes Autolycus Fell Auctioneer's Assistant Sarah McEwen Violet Mabel Mrs. Bixby Nurse Voice of President Lincoln Chorus of singers (The action is set during the American Civil War 1861-1865.) MUSICAL NUMBERS: Some songs performed in excerpt form. ACT 1 1. A House Divided - The Citizens 2. Freedom's Child - Frederick, other Abolitionists 3. By the Sword/Sons of Dixie - The Armies 4. Tell My Father - Private Sam Taylor