Shows "C"

Meanwhile, Fairy Godmother turns a pumpkin into a golden coach. The two helpers are to be disguised as noblemen and escort her to the ball. Cinderella appears in a gorgeous gown and glass slippers. The Fairy Godmother's only warning is that the spell will only last until midnight then everything will turn back to what it was. ACT TWO The Fairy Godmother watches from her realm and must get to the ball herself. Everything else is in order. Everyone is dancing at the ball and trying to win over the Prince. He does not seem interested in any of the women, however. His father is worried since it is already after 10. Just then the Prince spots a golden coach arriving carrying the most beautiful princess he has ever seen. Cinderella enters. The Prince greets her and asks her who she is. She says she must remain unknown and that she is from the Land of Enchantment. The helpers are sent to keep the stepsisters away from the prince while Cinderella dances with him. Just to make sure, the Fairy Godmother casts a spell that every time they dance, they begin to sneeze. Stepmother and the sisters are disgusted and thinking quick on her feet, Henrietta explains it is a new dance. The Stepmother is doing everything she can to get the Prince to propose to one of her daughters but he only has eyes for the Enchanted Princess, Cinderella. The Prince asks Cinderella to be his bride, and she says yes. As he announces this to his father and the guests, the clock strikes midnight, and Cinderella runs off. He chases after her but all he can find of her is one glass slipper. It is a week later, and the King and Prince have been searching everywhere to find the Enchanted Princess. The Prince insists the only way to find her is to go to every woman in the Kingdom and see whose foot fits the glass slipper. His father grants him permission to go ahead with this plan. They search every house in the kingdom until they finally arrive at the Stepmother's house. The women await the arrival of the Prince. Cinderella insists that she too must be allowed to try on the slipper but Stepmother will not hear of it. She locks Cinderella in the kitchen closet so she will not be seen. All three women try on the slipper and it does not fit any of them. The Prince must give up; his princess is nowhere to be found. The Fairy Godmother is watching and cannot let it end like this. She makes Cinderella sneeze. The women try to cover it up and pretend that it was one of them but after all, the guards find Cinderella in the other room. She tries on the slipper, and it fits perfectly. She and the Prince are to be married; he has finally found his Princess! The Stepmother and Stepsisters rush to her begging her forgiveness. Cinderella forgives them all and invites them to live in the castle with them, and they will all live happily ever after. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Opening Intro - Helpers 2. Hi Diddle Dee - Fairy Godmother, Helpers 3. What's To Become Of Me? - Cinderella, Fairy Godmother, Helpers 4. Get To Work - Stepmother, Gertrude, Henrietta 5. King Darling III - King Darling, Helpers 6. Knock, Knock, Knock - Helpers, Cinderella, Step Trio 7. Invitation - Helpers, Cinderella, Step Trio 8. At The Ball - Stepmother, Gertrude, Henrietta 9. Sneeze Polka 10. Cinderella - Fairy Godmother 11. Sneeze Polka - Henrietta, Gertrude, All CAST - Principals: 4 Male, 5 Female. • Cinderella - Ingenue. She is young and beautiful with an ethereal quality. She should be played with honesty as opposed to the farcical style of the Stepmother and Stepsisters. She must move well. ( Soprano) • Fairy Godmother - Character comedienne. She can be most any age but should move well and be quite zany and lovable. She and her two Helpers set the comedic pace of the play. ( Mezzo or Pop Voice) • First Helper - Tenor • Gertrude - Character comedian or comedienne (male or female). She is the younger stepsister;