Shows "C"

CINDERELLA Musical in 2 acts, 11 scenes Music by Jeanne Bargy and Jim Eiler; Book and Lyrics by Jim Eiler SYNOPSIS A pantomime in the true tradition for all seasons of the year. The glass slipper, Fairy Godmother, Prince Charming and the Ugly Sisters will recall childhood memories for adults and keep children spellbound with its ageless story of the girl who becomes a princess. STORY ACT ONE The scene begins in the realm of the Fairy Godmother. Two helpers introduce her, and the Fairy Godmother appears. She sings that if you ever need any help, all you need to is call for her and she will tend to you. She then gets down to business, and pulls out the list of their neediest cases of the day. At the top of the list is Ella. She is 18, an orphan, and lives with her stepmother and 2 stepsisters. Her mother died years ago and her father remarried. He then died and she has been forced to become a servant to her stepmother and stepsisters. She is forced to sleep in the kitchen and sits among the cinders dreaming of being rescued. They laugh at her and have taken to calling her Cinder – Ella. This nickname inspires the Fairy Godmother and she realizes how magical the name Cinderella is. She and her helpers rush off to look in on Ella and see if she is worthy of their help. The three arrive at the stepmother's house and find Cinderella asleep among the ashes. They awaken her but remain invisible. She awakens, confused, thinking she heard a voice and rushes into the main hall. She is upset and disgraced and wonders what will become of her life. Her stepmother comes in and yells at her for being in the main hall then rushes off to check on her beloved daughters. The two stepsisters, Gertrude and Henrietta enter. They bicker between themselves but their mother pacifies them and completely dotes upon their every word and move. They have much work to do so they call for Cinderella. They begin bullying and bossing Cinderella around. As she is busy doing the ironing, Gertrude sends her to her room to fetch her perfume; she is lending some to Henrietta. Cinderella returns with her starch in one hand and the perfume in the other. Henrietta grabs the wrong bottle and will not listen when Cinderella tries to correct her. She douses herself with starch. Stepmother is furious, and thinks Cinderella has taken to playing tricks on them. She begins to beat her for her "trick." Fairy Godmother has seen enough; this girl is certainly worthy of their help. She has an inspired idea which she only begins to explain to her helpers. Prince Charming must marry by his 21st birthday, which is at midnight that very night. That is all she tells them. She sends them to the castle to check up on what is happening as she looks up some spells. The helpers disguise themselves as Royal Guards. King Darling III enters the hall where they stand. He is old and can barely see but is very good natured and a darling, after all, that is his name! He is very gentle and kind and fair and everyone is dear to him. Prince Charming enters and his father wishes him a happy birthday. His father insists that he must follow the rules and marry but he refuses. He has not found anyone yet who he is in love with. As a last resort, his father will throw a huge ball in honour of his birthday and invite all single women in the kingdom to attend so he may find a wife. The Helpers report back to the Fairy Godmother and she is pleased. Cinderella will attend the ball that night. Back at the house, Cinderella is hard at work as always. The Helpers arrive to deliver the invitations to the ball. All unmarried women are to attend the ball at the stroke of 9 and at the stroke of 12, the Prince will pick his bride! The two sisters and their mother scramble to prepare and they day dream of what the ball will be like. They are sure they will be a hit at the ball and win over the prince. Stepmother and her daughters leave to the ball leaving Cinderella all alone. She dreams of what it would be like to attend the ball then wonders again what is to become of her. Just then, the Fairy Godmother appears to Cinderella. If she wishes to go to the ball, then she shall. She is to go and sit with a handful of cinders in her lap and imagine the most beautiful dress.