Shows "C"

20. No. 19 - Song - Marquis - "As once the moments flew, the hours in pleasure fly. As in life's morning new the gallant days gone by. That time has come again..." 21. No. 20 - Song - Cigarette - "'Twas here, here I saw and lov'd him first; 'twas here the tree began to grow that into fairest blossom burst, and ripen'd into fruit..." 22. No. 21 - Duet - Nicotine and Benzoline - "Brother in affliction shed the liquid tear, let us sniff and snuffle - what do we go here? ... Life will be all Sundays..." 23. No. 22 - Song - Claude - "Home! Still unchang'd and fair! As once again I stand where boyhood's heart found ev'rywhere a realm of fairyland." 24. No. 23 - Duet - Violette & Claude - "From darkest hours of pain when hope fell like a wither'd rose, dead joys revive again and love's sweet promise brightly glows..." 25. No. 24 - Finale - "Home! Back to the battles fierce and gory, till I'm old and grey, till the flag with its honours tells the story of my fighting day..." CAST • MARQUIS DE PORTALE (an Old French Nobleman) • CLAUDE (his Son) • MONSIEUR BASTIAN (a Friend of the Marquis) • SERGEANT MOUSTON (195th Regiment) • GASTON (a Peasant, afterwards a Private in the 195th Regiment) • JUSTIN (the Marquis's Major Domo) • BENZOLINE (a foolish Peasant, afterwards a Private in the 195th Regiment) • NICOTINE (a Village Braggart, afterwards a Private in the 195th Regiment) • CIGARETTE (Vivandière of the 195th Regiment) • VIOLETTE (Daughter of Comtesse de Montrouget) • COMTESSE DE MONTROUGET (a Neighbour of the Marquis) • BABETTE (Violette's Companion) • MADAME DE VAURICOURT (a Friend of the Marquis) • LADY SUPERIOR OF THE CONVENT SCHOOL • MOTHER LOU-LOU (Portress of the Convent School) • JULIE - Peasant Girl • CLARISSE - Peasant Girls