Shows "C"

CIGARETTE A Light romantic opera in 3 acts. Music by J[oseph] Haydn Parry; Book by Barry Montour; Libretto and Lyrics by Warham St. Leger Theatre Royal, Cardiff - 15 Aug. 1892 at the Lyric Theatre, London September, 1892 (112 perfs) SCENES AND SETTINGS ACT I - Vineyard of the Château de Montrouget. ACT II - Village Green and Convent School. ACT III - Reception Chamber in the Marquis de Portale's Château. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. No. 1 - Introduction and Chorus of Grape Pickers - "Again the vintage time is here, is here, is here, the glory of the sunny year, 'tis vintaqe time once more..." 2. No. 2 - Vineyard Song - Violette - "Once on a hot September day, a mother sent her little lad abroad to stray, on mischief bent. Wings of a silver sheen he wore..." 3. No. 3 - Chorus and Dance - "Now the year is full of cheer, fun and frolic reigning; tenfold mirth from the earth for our toil regaining. Lads and lasses full of glee..." 4. No. 4 - Trio - Babette, Nicotine and Benzoline - "It's a circumstance deplorable if e'er a girl adorable is made the common object of two suitors' loving hopes! ..." 5. No. 5 - Song - Countess - "Love is a myth of idle heart, a dream of Folly's brain; it only lives in souls apart - they lose it who attain. 'Tis like a looking glass..." 6. No. 6 - Song - Claude - "Love that in splendour rose in our way, made the years ever one morn of May, when she, my darling, crown'd me with bliss..." 7. No. 7 - Duet - Violette and Claude - "Dark is our day that dawn'd so fair, cloudy the skies above. Yet if the trouble I may share, it is not grief but love..." 8. No. 8 - Song - Cigarette - "We are the favourites of fortune in our own dashing way. Life may be merry, tho' a short one, if you don't save your pay..." 9. No. 9 - Finale Act I - "I will join the army. Babette will be mine. ... I enlist, Babette will be mine. ... My life I will not waste in vain repining, nor doom my love..." 10. No. 9a - Introduction 11. No. 10 - Vesper Hymn - Abbess and Girls - "Miles crucis paululum, nune labore solvitur, lucis laudans Dominum circumvolitant..." 12. No. 11 - Song - Violette - "My heart breaks not although the years can bring no joy to me; I will not mar with hopeless tears love's sacred memory..." 13. No. 12 - Soldiers' Chorus - "Hurrah! hurrah, for the Eagles victorious, that set all the world in a fright; and, hurrah! hurrah, for the Regiment glorious..." 14. No. 13 - Song - Cigarette and Soldiers - "When trouble and sorrow are pressing a soldier who's down on his luck, when he can't find the bread for his messing..." 15. No. 14 - Duet - Nicotine and Benzoline - "When you hear the Postman's knock, it gives your nerves a shock when you're looking for a loving little letter..." 16. No. 15 - Goodnight Chorus - "The peaceful light of moon and star that greets us from on high looks down on many a grave afar where fallen comrades lie..." 17. No. 16 - Song - Cigarette - "All through the silent night, watching beside thee in thy sleep, from ev'ry ill I'll guard thee, from ev'ry ill I'll guard thee..." 18. No. 17 - Finale Act II - "Oh, my heart is weary, yes so weary with this endless pain. Oh! that death would set me free! But see! the vintage! how wildly they dance!" 19. No. 18 - Intro. & Gavotte - "Happy hours of grace and joy, what is past can ne'er annoy. If the present pleasure bring, all untroubled we can sing..."