Shows "C"

Scene 2. (Onwards) : Full dress uniform. KATIE BROWN Act One Scene 2. Well-fitting dress- smart, but simple. Scene 3. (a) Same, with travelling coat and bonnet. (b) Stage-dress of the period. Act Two Scene 1. Simple, spring-gay dress. Scene 2 and 3. Ball-gown, cloak. Scene 5. Bridal gown. HENRY MILLER Act One Sober, middle-aged suit of the period. Act Two Scene 2 and 3. Evening suit, overcoat. Scene 5. Morning suit of the period. SUSAN Act One - Pretty teenage dress. Act Two Scene 2 and 3. Young-style ball-dress with simple cloak and head-scarf. Scene 5. Bridal gown. FRANCIS FRYER Act One Scene 1. (a) Slick city-suit of the period, slightly theatrical. (b) Woman's vamp-style stage-dress -with all accessories (female impersonation). Scene 3. As Scene 1 (a). Act Two Scene 2 and 3. Smart evening suit of the period, overcoat. Scene 5. Bridegroom's morning suit. ADELAIDE ADAMS Act One Scene 2. Over-stylish dress of the period, with stole, striking hat, etc., to give successful-actress-off-stage impression. RATTLESNAKE. Act One Seedy "Western old-timer" outfit. Act Two Scene 2 and 3. Smartened-up version of same character, with seen-better-days overcoat. Scene 5. Ill-fitting tail-suit, battered top-hat. DOC PIERCE Act One Darkish slacks, belt, white shirt. Act Two Scene 2 and 3. Oldish black-suit, collar and tie, overcoat. Scene 5. Same suit, flower in buttonhole.