Shows "C"

is the man Calamity Jane dreams about, but he falls in love with somebody quite different. • Katie Brown(Low F Sharp to C Sharp) - A stage-struck city-girl who poses as a famous actress, but has good looks and talents of her own. • Henry Miller (Non-singing) - Proprietor of " The Golden Garter ", Deadwood City's saloonhotel-theatre. Aged about 50, he is nervous and erratic-giving the impression that he is constantly only one jump ahead of a nervous breakdown. • Susan (Non-singing) - Miller's young, friendly and pretty niece. • Francis Fryer ( B Flat to D) - A song-and-dance man more at home in the vaudeville theatres of the Eastern States than in the Wild West. • Adelaide Adams (Low F Sharp to B (Opt. D)) - A highly-paid vaudeville star and celebrated " beauty " of the period ; off-stage, a selfish and conceited woman. • Rattlesnake (Non-singing) - A bewhiskered old fossil who drives the stage-coach. • "Doc" Pierce (Non-singing) - Deadwood City's doctor/undertaker, with doubtful qualifications but considerable experience. A poker-playing pal of Hickock's. • Joe (Non-singing) - Bartender of "The Golden Garter" • Hank and Pete - Two Scouts. • Colonel of Fort Scully. • Cowpunchers, Bullwhakers, Prospectors, Trappers, Indians, Women of the town, Chorus Girls, Officers, Soldiers and their Wives, Stage Coach Passengers, etc PRINCIPALS: - 4 female, 7 male INSTRUMENTATION: Reed I (alto sax, clarinet), Reed II (alto sax, clarinet), Reed III (tenor sax, flute), Reed IV (tenor sax, clarinet), horn, 3 trumpets, 2 trombones, percussion, guitar, piano, strings DISCOGRAPHY Studio Cast Recording TER CDTER2 1215 (Complete) DRESS PLOT CALAMITY JANE Act One Scene 1. - A much-worn masculine-cut suit of deerskins, with shoulder-tassellings, ankleriding-boots, etc. Act Two A simple, spring-gay dress. Scene 2. An elegant ball-dress, with a white pettitcoat, silk stockings, smart shoes, long white gloves-all concealed beneath an incongruous man's overcoat, very big and heavy looking. Scene 5. Bridal gown. BILL HICKOCK Act One - Riding-slacks, with gun-belt, patterned shirt, jacket with decorative facings. Act Two - Scene 1. As Act One, but with riding jacket and ten-gallon hat. Scene 2. Dark trousers, shirt and cravat, Gaylord Ravenal jacket, hat. Scene 5. Dark trousers, shirt with collar and tie, more formal jacket with silk facings. LIEUT. DANNY GILMARTIN Act One - Scene 1. American military post-Civil-War duty-uniform, torn in places, mudded as from a fall, blood-marked on front of one shoulder Scene 3. A clean, unitorm version of the same duty-uniform. Act Two Scene 1. As Act One Scene 3, with cap and gauntlets.