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INSTRUMENTATION: Drums ; Electric Bass Guitar ; Electric Guitar ; Keyboard 1(Fender Rhodes GM 4, Halo Pad GM 94, Rock Organ GM 18, Bass + Lead Synth GM 87, ElectricGrand Piano GM 2, Piano GM 1, Clavi GM 7, Pad 6 (Metalic) GM 93, Clav/Electric Rhodes GM 4,FX4 (Atmosphere) GM 99, Hammond Organ GM 17, Synth Strings 2 GM 51) ; Keyboard 2 (Vibraphone GM 11, Square Wave GM 80, Synth Brass GM 62, Rock Organ GM 18, FX4(Atmosphere) GM 99, String Ensemble 1 GM 48, New Age/Soft Pad GM 88, Piano GM 1, Bass +Lead GM 87, Hammond Organ GM 17, Synth Strings 2 GM 51, Piano GM 4, Synth Strings 2 GM 50) ; Reed 2 Alto Sax and/or Tenor Sax ( *Alto and Tenor Sax parts are interchangeable. In other words, there is only 1 reed player, that can play alto sax, tenor sax, or a combination of both.) ; Trombone ; Trumpet (in Bb) CAST Show Cast Size: Large (over 20) ( Men/ Women): Chorus Size: Medium : Show Dance Required: • COREY PALMER (SENIOR) - The narrator of the show. Corey Snr is pushing 30, living in the year 2000, and reminiscing about the 80s (his school days), and his love for Tiffany Houston. • COREY PALMER (JUNIOR) - He is 17 and in his Senior Year. A very likeable, very ordinary American teenager. • ALF BUELLER - One of Corey Junior’s two best friends. A likeable teenager, only just coming out of childhood. • KIRK KEATON - Corey’s other best friend. Corey, Alf and Kirk are very close, but they are rather naïve, particularly about women. • TIFFANY HOUSTON - One of the group of girls that “Just Wanna Have Fun”. A cute, bubbly teenage female from the 80s, innocent, naïve and doe-eyed about boys and love – aspiring to be Cyndi Lauper and Madonna rolled into one. • CYNDI GIBSON - One of Tiffany’s best friends. More street-smart than Tiffany, Cyndi knows that boyfriends are a passport to attention and presents. • MEL EASTON - Another one of the inner click of “The Cool Girls”. An all-singing, all-dancing party girl. • KIM EASTON - The twin sister of Mel – although for ease of casting, they will probably be fraternal, not identical. • MICHAEL FELDMAN - The coolest guy in the school. The girls all fall at his feet. A car-driving, Fonziestyled football star. Has the romantic attention of all the girls, but particularly Tiffany Houston (who Corey just happens to be in love with.) • BILLY ARNOLD - One of Michael Feldman’s posse. Another popular, good-looking, athletic guy. The kind of person that every 17 year old wants to be (particularly if they are not popular, good-looking or athletic!!) • LIONEL ASTLEY - Lionel is fairly similar to Billy. Not quite as cool as the others, but because he is in the group, the girls put up with him anyway. • HUEY JACKSON - The final guy to round out the group of Michael Feldman’s friends. Not much else to be said - big hair, wears clothes that were cool at the time, but now just look like fluorescent mismatches of colour. • FEARGAL McFERRIN - The school nerd. • EILEEN REAGAN - The new arrival, charming, full of life and vitality – and a dreamer who lovingly longs for the day when she has a boyfriend. • LAURA WILDE - One of the girls that adopts Eileen into their group when she arrives at the school. • DEBBIE FOX - Laura’s best friend. Both girls have trouble distinguishing between reality (i.e. that they have had no boyfriends) and fantasy (that they are married to Neil Patrick Harris). • MS SHEENA BRANNIGAN - The only female teacher at the school to be seen. Around 30, and the Senior Students Co-ordinator. Outwardly reserved, very friendly and slightly conservative. What noone knows is that at 18 she posed nude for Hustler. She has an on again, off again relationship with Mr Cocker. • MR STEVIE COCKER - The Deputy Principal and maths teacher at William Ocean High School. One of