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Michael has forgotten about the concert idea that helped get him elected, and so Corey steps up, asking Mr. Cocker if he can put on the concert. Mr. Cocker agrees, and calls an assembly where he announces the concert will commence, under Corey’s direction. At first, the students are unenthused, but with some urging from the faculty, they eventually come around (“Man In The Mirror”). Act II The concert is a huge success, with the cast lined up in full 1980s garb to sing to their parents (“We are the World”). Corey’s parents are away in Indianapolis, so he throws a huge party at his house (“Dancing on the ceiling”). It is there that Mr. Cocker officially ends things with Ms. Brannigan. The whole party is ruined when Corey’s parents come home early, and Corey is grounded. After the student body scatters from the scene, Corey begins cleaning up. Outside his house, he accidentally interrupts Michael and Tiffany kissing. Ms. Brannigan returns to fetch her sweater. She and Corey share a moment of shared disappointment at having lost their loves (“Total Eclipse Of The Heart”). Back at school, Michael, Huey, Billy and Lionel continue sending Eileen fake love letters. Feargal has taken up Karate from the unseen groundskeeper, Mr. Miyagi. Prom is fast approaching, and everyone is anxious to find a date. Eileen finds another letter in her locker, this one actually signed by Michael, which states that he is in love with her. The girls, overjoyed, celebrate (“Walking On Sunshine”). The boys continue placing letters in her locker. Tiffany, Cyndi, Mel and Kim are gossiping about the boys. They are all getting cars, but Kim tells the girls that Michael’s car is nothing to be seen. Michael shows up in his new car, along with Huey, Billy and Lionel. Corey tries to compete with Michael’s new car with his two-seater bike, but to no avail (“Get Outta My Dreams (Get Into My Car)”). Before class, Ms. Brannigan attempts to talk to Mr. Cocker because she misses him, but Mr. Cocker cannot get over the magazine incident. He goes to teach his class but becomes distracted by the memory of the picture, and in his head, the class starts to taunt him (“Centerfold”). After school, Eileen reads from one of Michael’s letters what Michael is really saying to Tiffany (“Lost In Your Eyes”). Billy has recruited some girls to help him ask Cyndi to the prom (“Never Gonna Give You Up”), but Cyndi coldly rejects him, telling the story to her friends later on (“Material Girl”). As Michael and his gang are putting another letter into Eileen’s locker, Eileen, Laura and Debbie stumble upon them. The girls mistakenly believe that Michael has come to ask Eileen to prom, but Michael and Huey tell them the truth in the most cruel way possible. Laura and Debbie take a sobbing Eileen away. Tiffany, having seen the whole thing, angrily breaks up with Michael in front of the whole school. Michael and his gang tries to leave the scene, but Feargal stops them, demanding they go apologize to Eileen immediately. They refuse, and Michael engages Feargal in a fight, causing Feargal to get a bloody nose. Then, Mr. Miyagi, in Feargal’s head, guides him through what to do, and he beats Michael to the ground in front of Huey, Billy and Lionel. In the schoolyard, Eileen is sobbing by herself. Corey enters and starts trying to comfort her. She confesses that she feels that she does not fit in. She thought that she had found her place, but now she knows that everyone has been laughing at her behind the back. Corey calls over Alf and Kirk, and together the three of them assure Eileen that she is well-liked, and that Michael and his gang are the only jerks (“Come On Eileen/ Don’t Worry, Be Happy”). Kirk and Alf reveal that Feargal defended Eileen from Michael, and Eileen happily runs off to thank him, followed by Alf and Kirk. Tiffany enters, praising Corey for being supportive of Eileen. She confesses that she wants to go to prom with him, but thinks he’s going with Eileen. Corey tells her that he turned down every invitation he got because he did not want to go with anyone but her. Before the prom, Mr. Cocker and Ms. Brannigan make up and resolve their differences. At the prom, the students enjoy the band (“Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (Reprise)”). The popular boys (Huey, Billy and Lionel) go to prom with the popular girls (Cyndi, Mel and Kim), however, Michael is left without a date. The students begin to dance together, Corey and Tiffany together at last (“{I’ve Had} The Time Of My Life”). Corey Snr. comes back out to tell the audience where everyone in his class ended up (see below). He recalls his high school memories fondly, and leaves the stage, telling his younger self to have fun.