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popular boy at school, his VPs being his friend Tiffany Houston and Cyndi Gibson, a cheerleader who is very popular with the boys. Also in the running is Feargal McFerrin III, the school nerd, backed by his VPs Laura Wilde and Debbie Fox. From the attention he garners from the female student population, it is clear the Michael is in the lead to win. After the assembly, Corey seeks out Tiffany Houston, his lifelong neighbor whom he has been in love with since they were children. Tiffany is nice and friendly towards Corey, but is oblivious to his feelings for her. Instead, Tiffany admits to Corey that she likes Michael. Cyndi enters and introduces her friends Melanie and Kimberly Easton, or Mel & Kim as they prefer to be called. They are twins who are Cyndi’s friends from dance class. They immediately fit in with the popular kids, unlike Corey, who slinks away dejected. Cyndi introduces Mel and Kim to the popular boys, and plans to set the two of them up with Huey and Lionel. The popular kids, led by Tiffany, talk about their summer vacation, the girls talking about how they got home late from many parties, irritating their parents (“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”) while the guys, led by Michael, talk about how they spent all summer working, Michael saving up to buy a car (“Footloose”). After school, Corey, Alf and Kirk begin work on an election campaign. Tiffany tells Corey that her team is having trouble with getting Michael to actually focus on creating a campaign. As they are working, Feargal enters, dictating that in the 1990s, technology will advance. He is thoroughly mocked. Corey then reveals his election plan to Alf and Kirk - a concert, similar to that of the Live Aid concerts, to help fund the school prom. However, after a small scuffle, Michael Feldman and Billy Arnold, together with Lionel Astley and Huey Jackson, end up stealing Corey’s concert idea without his knowledge. On election day, Michael recruits the cheerleaders to help make his presentation extra flashy (“Mickey”). He takes the stand and pitches the concert idea to the student body. Everyone reacts positively to the idea (“Michael’s Election Rap”). Corey is next up to pitch his campaign, but with his only idea stolen, he bombs his presentation. Feargal, Laura and Debbie are next up, and Feargal’s pitch includes the advance of technology, informing the students (to their horror) that CDs will replace cassette tapes (“Video Killed the Radio Star”). The election commences and Michael wins by a landslide. Corey Snr. takes the stage again to tell the audience about how, after election day, he started having nightmares. Corey Jnr., Kirk and Alf are all hanging out at Corey’s place, and strike up conversation about Feargal’s presentation. They all agree that the things they love from the 1980s, like Star Wars and the Atari, will be around forever. Kirk and Alf leave when Corey starts getting ready for bed. He falls asleep, and dreams of a world in which he is a Luke Skywalker character, and Tiffany is his Princess Leia. They dance together, madly in love, before Darth Vader enters, stealing Tiffany away. Darth Vader reveals himself as Michael. Corey wakes in a cold sweat (“Glory of love”) Halfway through the school year, a new girl by the name of Eileen Reagan comes to the school. She is taunted by Cyndi for liking the band Air Supply, but is fast friends with Laura and Debbie, who lie about their multiple boyfriends, telling Eileen that they are on “business” in Miami (“Let’s Hear It For The Boy”). After class, Mr. Cocker surprises Ms. Brannigan with flowers for their one-year anniversary. Mr. Cocker wants to be more open about their relationship, but Ms. Brannigan wants to stay professional at school. Just as they are about to kiss, Laura and Debbie run in, alerting Mr. Cocker that Feargal is being beat up by two junior girls. Before leaving to go help, Mr. Cocker sets a date with Ms. Brannigan. At lunch, Corey is preparing himself to ask Tiffany out. Unbeknownst to him, Michael is preparing to do the same. They compete for her affection (“I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”). Tiffany chooses Michael, telling Corey that she sees him as a brother. Corey Snr. enters the stage, reminiscing on how hurt he was (“You Give Love A Bad Name”). After lunch, Michael, Huey, Lionel and Billy slip a fake love letter into Eileen’s locker. In another part of the school, Mr. Cocker has confiscated a dirty magazine from Huey. Huey tells his friends that he found the magazine in his dad’s cupboard, and it is from the 1970s. They laugh together, and Huey jokes that Mr. Cocker is probably in his office “having a perve”. While looking through the magazine, Mr. Cocker recognizes one of the models as Ms. Brannigan. He confronts her about it, and she admits that she did pose for the magazine when she was 18. Mr. Cocker is angry that she never told him, and refuses to see her (“You Give Love A Bad Name (Reprise)”).