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BEST FOOT FORWARD A musical comedy in 2 acts, 16 scenes. Libretto by John Cecil Holm; Music and lyrics by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane Ethel Barrymore Theatre, 1 October, 1941 (326 perfs) Off-Broadway revival in 1963 starred Liza Minnelli as Blind Date THE STORY Winsocki High at prom time. As a lark Bud Hooper invites the Hollywood starlet Gale Joy to be his prom date, never seriously expecting her to accept. However, Gale’s press agent, Jack Haggerty sees excellent promotional possibilities in the stunt and gets Gale to accept. Bud’s girlfriend, Helen Schlesinger, is so furious that she rips off part of Gale’s gown, signaling a wild tearing and stripping session in which Helen’s classmates claw for souvenirs. Avoiding scandal, Gale agrees to return quietly to Hollywood while Bud and Helen are reunited. MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT I 1. Don’t Sell the Night Short - Minerva, Blind Date, Students, Girls 2. Three Men on a Date - Bud Hooper, Dutch Miller, Hunk Hoyt, The Dancer, The Gay Blades, The Tap Dancers That’s How I Love the Blues - Gale Joy, Jack Haggerty 3. The Three B’s - Ethel, Minerva, Blind Date The Jury 4. Ev’ry Time - Helen Schlessinger 5. The Guy Who Brought Me - Gale Joy, Jack Haggerty, Bud Hooper, Dutch Miller, Hunk HoytScene 6 6. I Know You By Heart - Bud Hooper 7. Shady Lady Bird - Helen Schlessinger, Students 8. Shady Lady Bird (reprise) - Helen Schlessinger, Ensemble ACT 2 9. Buckle Down Winsocki - Chuck Green, Old Grad, Chorus 10. My First Promise - Ethel, Singers 11. What Do You Think I Am? - Minerva, Hunk Hoyt, Chorus and the Acrobats 12. Just a Little Joint With a Juke Box - Blind Date, Hunk Hoyt 13. Where Do You Travel? - Jack Haggerty, Helen Schlessinger, Miss Delaware Water Gap, Singers 14. Ev’ry Time (reprise) - Gale Joy 15. I’d Gladly Trade - Gale Joy, Entire Company SCENES AND SETTINGS Act I Scene 1: The Gymnasium Scene 2: Room at the Eagle House Scene 3: Room in the Boys’ Dormitory Scene 4: Hall Outside Girls’ Cot Room Scene 5: Room at the Eagle House Scene 6: Girls’ Cot Room Scene 7: Hall Outside Girls’ Cot Room Scene 8: The Gymnasium