Shows B

MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Prologue - Let the Devil Take Us - Las Vegas Legends, Showroom Patrons, Street Whores, Ralph J. Bostick 2. Nothin’ Like a Picture Show - Mona Stangley 3. I’m Leavin’ Texas - Mona Stangley, Texans 4. It’s Been a While - Sam Dallas, Mona Stangley 5. Brand New Start - Sam Dallas, Mona Stangley, Terri Clark, I.R.S. Director, Schmidt, Working Girls, Wall Street Wolves 6. The Smut Song - Harry Hardast 7. Call Me - Mona Stangley, Girls, Couch Potaotoes (Men) 8. Change in Me - Sam Dallas 9. Here for the Hearing - Ladies, Senators 10. Piece of the Pie - Mona Stangley, Sam Dallas, Ladies 11. Change in Me (reprise) - Sam Dallas 12. If We Open Our Eyes - Entire Company SCENES AND SETTINGS Prologue: The showroom, Las Vegas. Act 1 • Scene 1: Conference Room, I.R.S., Washington, D.C. • Scene 2: Cactus Motel, somewhere in Texas. • Scene 3: In the shadows of the Washington Monument. • Scene 4: In the kitchen of the whorehouse, Nevada. • Scene 5: The parlor of the whorehouse and Wall Street, New York. Act 2 • Scene I: On the information highway. • Scene 2: Air Force One—on the tarmac, LAX. • Scene 3: I.R.S. Director’s Georgetown home. • Scene 4: Sam Dallas’ apartment, Washington, D.C. • Scene 5: An I.R.S. corridor. • Scene 6: The hearing. • Scene 7: Larry King Live. Scene 8: Sam Dallas’ dressing room, Washington, D.C. • Scene 9: The Stallion Fields Whorehouse, Nevada. • Scene 10: The steps of our nation’s Capitol. INSTRUMENTATION Woodwinds: Trumpets I, II, III: Trombones: I, II: Violins: I, II, III; Cello I, II; Keyboards I, II; Guitars; Bass: Harp: Original Broadway Cast Libretto