London Revues

À LA CARTE A New Revue Book and Lyrics by ALAN MELVILLE Music by CHARLES ZWAR Produced by NORMAN MARSHALL Decor, Dresses and Dances by WILLIAM CHAPPELL Savoy Theatre, London - 17 June, 1948 - 15 January, 1949 (251 perfs) PROGRAMME OVERTURE … Peter Yorke and his Orchestra ON SUCH A NIGHT - Hermione Baddeley, Henry Kendall, Nigel Neilson, Gordon Bell and Full Company DAWN IN COVENT GARDEN - Joy O'Neill, Jean Telfer, Michael Anthony, Dick Henderson, Jnr., THE PLAY'S THE THING The Queen - Hermione Baddeley The King - Gordon Bell The Prince - Henry Kendall His Girl Friend - Irlin Hall Usherette - Pam Trevers and Myrette Morven, Biily Castle, Peter Wright, John Thorpe GOOD LORDS - Michael Anthony, Nigel Neilson, Gordon Beil, Dick Henderson, Jnr MIDDLE CUT - Hermione Baddeley EAST (Musical arrangement by Paul Shelley) - Cappella & Patricia LAUNCHING FORTH Her Grace - Henry Kendall His Worship - Gordon Bell Mayoress - Myrette Morven Works Manager - Nigel Neilson Child - Irlin Hall MAKE MINE MONTMARTRE - Marcel Le Bon WHEREFORE ART THOU, ROMANY? - Hermione Baddeley, Henry Kendall and Chorus WISTARIA'AND RUNNER BEANS - Joy O'Neill, Dick Henderson, Jnr. AND THE BUFFS - Hermione Baddeley, Michael Anthony, Nigel Neilson, Gordon Bell, Billy Castle and Company LAMENT - Henry Kendall

LABOUR'S LOST LOVE Prime Minister - Michael Anthony Leader of the Opposition - Gordon Bell A Maiden - Hermione Baddeley Her Lovers - Nigel Neilson and Dick Henderson, Jnr. Her Adviser - Henry Kendall And Full Company WHIPPING UP AN INTEREST Director - Michael Anthony Assistant Director - Gordon Bell Ist Extra - Pam Trevers 2nd Extra - Joy O'Neill 3rd Extra - Myrette Morven Author - Nigel Neilson Messenger - Peter Wright Continuity - Girl Jean Telfer Props - Dick Henderson, Jnr. Male Star - Marcel Le Bon Female Star - Irlin Hall Clapper Boy - Barry Grantham and the Company EDWARD Edward - Michael Anthony His Father - Henry Kendall His Mother - Hermione Baddeley His Father's Secretary - Pam Trevers LADIES-IN-WAITING - Irlin Hall, Joy O'Neill, Myrette Morven, Jean Telfer SOUTHERN EXPOSURE - Dick Henderson, Jnr., and Chorus OLD GIRLS - Hermione Baddeley ROMANO'S - Henry Kendall and Company WEST (Musical arrangement by Paul Shelley) Cappella & Patricia SELF-ANALYSIS - Irlin Hall THE BOYHOOD OF RALEIGH (after the picture by Sir John Millais) The Mariner - Henry Kendall Raleigh - Hermione Baddeley His Friend - Barry Grantham Mother - Myrette Morven Child - Joy O'Neill TWENTY QUESTIONS - Jean Telfer, Dick Henderson, Jnr.

RESTORATION PIECE Lady Wanton Malpractice - Hermione Baddeley Sir Solemnity Sourpuss - Henry Kendall Sir Militant Malpractice - Gordon Bell Simple (Maid to Lady Malpractice) - Myrette Morven MERVEILLEUSE - Marcel Le Bon PALE HANDS I HATE - Hermione Baddeley, Joy O'Neill, Irlin Hall, Jean Telfer NEVER REPRISE - Full Company Chorus : Pam Trevers, Jo Bartlett, Irene Derek, Doreen Farmer, Beryl Frew, Peggy Hughes, Sheila Linter, Margaret Martin and Mary Meredith, Peter Wright, Barry Grantham, John Thorpe, Billy Castle PETER YORKE with his ORCHESTRA Orchestrations by Peter Yorke, Phil Cardew, Paul Fenhoulet and the Composer, "Make Mine Montmartre" incorporating "Dans un Coin de Mon Couer" (Moffatt-Dolys) and "Hop-Hop" (Trenet) Scenery built by JACK HILL Painted by THE HARKERS

A TO Z A Revue.Music by Ivor Novello and Helen Trix; Book and Lyrics: Dion Titheradge; Ronald Jeans and Helen Trix; Additonal Songs by Philip Braham, Lew Brown, Douglas Furber, Albert von Tilzer, Les Copeland and Kenneth Duffield Prince of Wales' Theatre, London - 11 October, 1921 (428 perfs) THE CAST Jack Buchanan, E.R. Cooper, Marcel de Haes, Joseph Gerrard, James Gray, Phyllis Haye, George Hestor, Felix Hill, Gertrude Lawrence, Holdsworth Miller, Herbert Mundin, Dan O’Neil, Elizabeth Pollock, P. Pusinelli, Frederick Ross, Helen Trix, Josephine Trix, Violet Wynne Chorus: Jewel Bacon, Phyllis Butts, Sylvia Collinson,Velma Deane, Dorothy Dolman, Kathleen English, Iris Goode, June Kennedy, Doris Llewellyn, Gladys Marsh, Beryl Murray, Dorice O’Gorman, Sheila Rawle, Beatrice Sinclair, Marjorie Spiers, Gene Wallis, Thelma White, Sybil Wise PROGRAMME INCLUDED; 1. When I'm Dresed In Blue 2. I've Never Been Kept Waiting 3. The Oldest Game in the World 4. Too Much Mother 5. Smile 6. There Are Times 7. My Kind of Boy 8. I Hate That Tune 9. Night May Have Its Sadness 10. Sweet Daddy, I Love You 11. I'm Going Home 12. Keep Movin' 13. I've Joined the Squirrel Family 14. Dapper Dan 15. Noah's Ark 16. Come On and Kiss Your Angel Child, Sweetie Dear 17. And Her Mother Came Too 18. My Alco Holiday 19. Limehouse Blues

AIRS ON A SHOESTRING An intimate revue devised and directed by Laurier Lister Royal Court Theatre, London - 22 April, 1953 THE CAST: Moyra Fraser, Betty Marsden, Sally Rogers, Carole Newton, Patricia Lancaster, Eileen Price, Max Adrian, Bernard Hunter, Jack Gray, Denis Quilley, Charles Ross and Peter Reeves Musical Numbers staged by Alfred Rodrigues Costumes by David de Bethel Music arranged by John Pritchett (at the piano with Kenneth Broadberry and with Chris Blades at the drums) Décor by Joan Burton, Stanley Moore, David de Bethel et al PROGRAMME INCLUDED; 1. Guide to Britten (Lyrics by Michael Flanders; Music by Donald Swann) 2. The Model Models (lyric by Charlotte Mitchell; music by Madeleine Dring) 3. Taken As Read - or Hiawatha at the Albert Hall (sketch by David Climie; Music by John Pritchett) 4. Sing High, Sing Low (Music & lyrics by Madeleine Dring) 5. Jamaican Rumba - (Lyric by Jerry Mann; music by Arthur Benjamin 6. Mediterranean - (Lyric by Michael Flanders; Music by Donald Swann) 7. Fly Customers (Richard Waring) 8. There's a Hole in My Budget 9. The Seven Ages of Women 10. Excelsior 11. Last of the Line

By arrangement with J.B. Gatti Linnit & Dunfee Ltd. present ALL SQUARE At the Pianos: Charles Mallett and Harry Norman; Percussion: Roy Sutton; Double Bass: Dennis Bowden Vaudeville Theatre, London - 25 April, 1963 PART ONE 1. SQUARE ONE The Company 2. SOLIDARITY Naunton Wayne, Anna Dawson, Nicky Henson, Robin Palmer 3. DANSE GASTRONOMIQUE Beryl Reid, Robin Hunter 4. BEST SATIRICAL BUY Naunton Wayne, Joyce Blair, John Warner, Robin Hunter Robin Palmer Julian Holloway Nicky Henson 5. IT WENT STRAIGHT TO HER HEAD Beryl Reid 6. PICCADILLIAZZA The Company 7. UNDESIRABLE PROPERTY Joyce Blair 8. NONE ON MISS BLENKINSOP Beryl Reid, Naunton Wayne, Robin Hunter 9. PROS AND CONS Nicky Henson, Robin Hunter, Julian Holloway, Robin Palmer, Jane Murdoch 10. INK TO ME ONLY John Warner, Naunton Wayne 11. BLAST! The Company INTERVAL PART TWO 1. THE ONLY WAY Beryl Reid, Naunton Wayne 2. LAMENT Joyce Blair and The Company

3. THE AIR A SOLEMN STILLNESS HOLDS Beryl Reid 4. BOBBY Joyce Blair, Anna Dawson, Joyanne Delancey 5. MR. WAYNE'S EASTER Naunton Wayne with Robin Hunter, Robin Palmer 6 ASYLUM John Warner, Nicky Henson 7. DIFFICULT TIMES Naunton Wayne, Robin Palmer, Beryl Reid, David White, Julian Holloway 8. AFRICAN PROBLEM (Setting after Henri Rousseau) Joyce Blair, John Warner, Robin Hunter and The Company 9. FRIGHTENING EXPERIENCE Beryl Reid 10. MARTIAL LAW UNTO HIMSELF Robin Hunter with Nicky Henson Julian Holloway 11. LOT 208 Beryl Reid, Robin Palmer 12. THE NORTHWIND DOTH BLOW Joyce Blair and The Company 13. JUST GOOD FRIENDS Beryl Reid, Naunton Wayne 14 ENDING ALL SQUARE The Company

.... AND ANOTHER THING .... Revue devised by Ted Dicks and Myles Rudge. Music and lyrics: Ted Dicks and Myles Rudge. Additional songs by: Alan Melville, Charles Zwar, Lionel Bart, Barry Cryer, Robert Tanitch and Christopher Dandy. Fortune Theatre, London - 6 October, 1960 The Cast included; Joyce Blair, Lionel Blair, Sandra Caron, Bernard Cribbens, Donald Hewlett, Penelope Newington, Anna Quayle, Anton Rodgers. The Programme included; • Folk Songs • My Kind of Someone • “Suddenly Last Tuesday” • “Hyde your Park” • “Grouse re Strauss” • “Tickets Please” Musical Directors: Ted Dicks and Myles Rudge.

AROUND THE MAP A Revue: Music: Herman Finck. Book and Lyrics: C.M.S. McLellan. Additional lyrics by Davy Burnaby, Hartley Carrick, Clifford Grey and Fitz Rice. Alhambra Theatre, London - 19th July 1917 MUSICAL NUMBERS • Here Comes Tootsie (Violet Loraine, Chorus) • Some Girl Has Got To Darn His Socks (Violet Loraine) • Someday I'll Make You Love Me (Violet Loraine) • The DSO and the VAD (Dan Agar, Jack Buchanan, Nelson Keys, Alfred Lester, Violet Loraine) • When the Right Girl Comes Along (Stanley Logan, Chorus) • Round the Map • Hurrah For the Rolling Sea (Alfred Lester) • A Conscientious Objector (Alfred Lester) • When All the Girls Go By • Madame Kapinski • Boum Song • My Waltz Queen • Lazy • Lulu • Coon Song • Impi CAST Dan Agar Jack Buchanan Nelson Keys Alfred Lester Stanley Logan Violet Loraine MD: John Ansel

AS YOU WERE Revue. Music by Herman Darewski and Edouard Mathe; Book and Lyrics by Arthur Wimperis. Based on the French revue, Plus ça change by 'Rip'. London Pavilion - 3 August, 1918 THE CAST included: Hayden Coffin, Alice Delysia, Daisy Hancox, John Humphries, Clifford Morgan, Leon MOrton, Strafford Moss, Mona Vivian. Programme included; • Helen of Troy • I Didn't 'Arf Laugh • If You Could Care • Old Man Adam • Potsdam • Two Little Bits of Greece • Make Up • Live For All You're Worth • What, Ho! Mr. Watteau • The Aeroplane Walk • With a Hey and a Ho! • Ninon de l'enclos • A Blighty One MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. In Chelsea Somewhere (Broadway Strut - in Broadway version) 2. Follow Mr. Watteau 3. Good Bye Helen of Troy 4. Helen of Troy 5. I Am Cleopatra 6. If You Could Care for Me 7. If You'll Only Say It with Flowers 8. Live for All You're Worth 9. Make Hay, Hay, Hay 10. Neath Egyptian Skies 11. Ninon Was a Naughty Girl 12. On the Bosom of the Sleepy Nile 13. Saturday Afternoon Till Monday Morning 14. Two (Little) Bits of Greece 15. Under Grecian Skies 16. Washington Square 17. When You're Dancing in a Nightie on the Lawn 18. Who Ate Napoleons with Josephine When Napoleon Was Away? Musical Director: I.A. de Orellana

Bernard Delfont and Emile Littler in association with Tom Arnold Productions Ltd. present AT THE PALACE Written by Barry Cryer and Dick Vosburg: OrIg!nal Music and Lyrics by Bill Solly Palace Theatre, London - 9th April, 1970 NUMBER ONE: • The Lionel Blair Dancers • The Bel Canto Singers • David Ellen, Jackie Sands, Toni Palmer and Roy Hudd introduce • Danny La Rue WILDWEST: • Ladies of the Saloon and Cowboys • • FANNY OAKLEY RIDES AGAIN: • Marshall McLuhan - David Ellen • Calamity Jane - Toni Palmer • Wild Bill Hickock - Roy Hudd • Fanny Oakley - Danny La Rue • Princess Morning Star - Jackie Sands THE BLACK THEATRE OF PRAGUE • Hanor Lamkova • Milan Bajgar • Jaroslava Zelenkova • Josef Podsednik SPEAKERS’ CORNER • Woman - Toni Palmer • Man - Roy Hudd • Lady Cynthia Grope - Danny La Rue A TRIBUTE TO THE MUSIC HALL: (1) The Ladies and Gentlemen of the Ensemble (2) “Hold Your Hand Out, You Naughty Boy” - Miss Jackie Sands and The Ladies (3) “Lily of Laguna”. Mr. David Ellen and Miss Jackie Gentle (4) “Ta-Ra-Da-Boom-De-Al” - Mr. Danny La Rue and The Gentlemen (5) “You Made Me Love You” - Miss Toni Palmer (6) The Cheeky Chappie - Mr. Roy Hudd (7) “At The Palace” - Mr. Danny La Rue and The Company INTERVAL MRS. WORLD 1970 • Master Of Ceremonies - Roy Hudd • Mrs. France - Toni Palmer • Mrs. U.K - Danny La Rue • The Dancers

GIRL TALK: • Danny La Rue And Toni Palmer REFLECTIONS: • Jackie Sands and David Ellen • The Dancers GOING SOLO: • Roy Hudd SALUTE TO THE STARS: • Danny La Rue THE NEXT TIME WE’RE TOGETHER: • The Company “Salute to the Stars” written by Bryan Blackburn and staged by Lionel Blair. • THE LIONEL BLAIR DANCERS: Wendy Bell, Nina Chalmers, Brenda Craven. Jackie Gentle, Joanna Horlock, Christine Kendall. Sandra Leachrnan, Annette Lyons. Wendy Martin. Gayna Martine, Chrissie Westoll, Peppi Bores, Bill Drysedale, Gary Downie, Bernard Jamieson, Christopher Robinson, Ken Walsh. • THE BEL CANTO SINGERS: Pamela Barry, Jill Donohue, Louisa Kerry, Don Aitken, Evan Wildes, Bob Wilson.

AT THE DROP OF A HAT A two-man revue written and performed by Michael Flanders and Donald Swann New Lindsey Theatre, London 31 December, 1956. Transferred to Fortune Theatre, London - 24 January 1957 (733 perfs) An After Dinner Farrago (Intimate Revue) in Two Acts. Opened 8 October 1959 at the John Golden Theatre, New York and closed 14 May 1960 after 216 performances. PROGRAMME: 1. A Transport of Delight 2. Song of Reproduction 3. A Gnu 4. Design for Living 5. Je suis le ténébreux 6. Songs for Our Time (Philological Waltz; Satellite Moon; A Happy Song) 7. A Song of the Weather 8. The Reluctant Cannibal 9. Greensleeves 10. Misalliance 11. Kokoraki - a Greek Song 12. Madeira, M'Dear? 13. Hippopotamus 14. The Youth of the Heart 15. Twice Shy 16. Too Many Conkers 17. Sea Fever PROGRAMME USA ACT 1 1. Song of Reproduction 2. The Hog Beneath the Skin (The Warthog) 3. A Transport of Delight 4. The Youth of the Heart (Lyrics by Sydney Carter.) 5. Greensleeves 6. The Wompom 7. Sea Fever 8. A Gnu 9. Judgement of Paris 10. Songs for Our Time: (Philological Waltz, Satellite Moon, A Happy Song) ACT 2 11. A Song of the Weather 12. The Reluctant Cannibal In the Bath 13. Design for Living 14. Tried by the Centre Court 15. Misalliance 16. Kokoraki (A Greek Song) 17. Madeira, M' Dear? 18. The Hippopotamus DISCOGRAPHY: Recorded during an actual performance - Parlophone PMC 1033 Original Cast Recording

AT the DROP of ANOTHER HAT A two-man Revue written and performed by Michael Flanders and Donald Swann Theatre Royal, Haymarket, London 2 October, 1963 PROGRAMME: 1. The Gas Man Cometh 2. Sounding Brass 3. Los Olividados 4. In the Desert 5. Ill Wind 6. First and Second Law 7. All Gall 8. Horospcope 9. Friendly Duet 10. Bedstead Men 11. By Air 12. Slow Train 13. A Song of Patriotic Prejudice 14. Hippo Encore DISCOGRAPHY: Recorded during an actual performance at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket - Parlophone PMC 1216

AT THE LYRIC A Revue by Alan Melville, with additional lyrics by Paul Dehn. Music by Kenneth Leslie-Smith, Charles Zwar and Donald Swann. Lyric, Hammersmith, 23rd December, 1953 THE CAST INCLUDED: Hermione Baddeley, Dora Bryan, Eric Berry. Ian Carmichael. Rachel Roberts. Myles Eason, Shirley Eaton. Richard Logan, John, Walters, Leo Ciceri, Vivienne Martin and Marjorie Dunkels Directed by William Chappell: Décor by Vivienne Kernot: Costumes and dance arrangements by William Chappell PART I 1. OVERTURE 2. THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN (Lyric by Alan Melville, Music by Kenneth Leslie-Smith) Full Company 3. RING OUT WILD BELLS (Lyric by Alan Melville Music by Kenneth Leslie-Smith) Hermione Baddeley, Dora Bryan, Eric Berry, Ian Carmichael 4. GOOD GIRL NOW (Lyric by Michael Flanders; Music by Donald Swann) Rachel Roberts, Myles Eason, Shirley Eaton, Richard Logan, John Walters 5. ROOMWITH A VIEW (Sketch by Alan Melville) Hermione Baddeley, Eric Berry, Dora Bryan, Leo Ciceri, Shirley Eaton 6. PROGRESS (Lyric by Alan Melville: Music by Kenneth Leslie-Smith) Ian Carmichael 7. MEXICAN CANASTA (Lyric by Alan Melville; Music by Kenneth Leslie-Smith) Hermione Baddeley, Dora Bryan, Eric Berry, Myles Eason, Rachel Roberts, Leo Ciceri, Richard Logan, Shirley Eaton 8. UNEVENTFUL CROSSING (By Alan Melville) Marjorie Dunkels, Richard Logan, Leo Ciceri, Shirley Eaton, Vivienne Martin 9. BIG GAME (By Alan Melville) Myles Eason, John Walters 10. WINTER SPORTS (Lyric by Alan Melville; Music by Kenneth Leslie-Smith) Rachel Roberts, Shirley Eaton, Richard Logan, Leo Ciceri 11. MISS MANDERSON (Sketch by Alan Melville: Lyric by Alan Melville; Music by Kenneth Leslie-Smith) Dora Bryan, Eric Berry 12. STAIRWAY TO FAME Hermione Baddeley 13. FROM THE ANGLAIS (Lyric by Alan Melville; Music by Kenneth Leslie-Smith) Full Company

PART II 14. TOO MUCH NOSTALGIA (Lyrics by Paul Dehn) Full Company 15. NEW SUIT (Sketch by Alan Melville) Ian Carmichael, Myles Eason, Eric Berry 16. COMPANIONS (Lyric by Alan Melville; Music by Kenneth Leslie-Smith) Hermione Baddeley, Marjorie Dunkels 17. BALLAD OF THE BLACK KNIGHT (Lyric by Alan Melville Music by Kenneth Leslie-Smith) Ian Carmichael, Rachel Roberts 18. TAILOR MADE (Lyrics by Paul Dehn; Music by Charles Zwar) Dora Bryan, Leo Ciceri 19. COMMON TALK (Sketch by Alan Melville) Hermione Baddeley, Vivienne Martin 20. DRAPERS ASSISTANTS (Lyric by Alan Melville; Music by Kenneth Leslie-Smith) Marjorie Dunkels, Myles Eason, Dora Bryan, Rachel Roberts 21. RIVIERA, GOODBYE (Lyric by Paul Dehn; Music by Charles Zwar) Ian Carmichael 22. BESSIE PLENDERLEITH (Sketch by Alan Melville) Hermione Baddeley, Dora Bryan, Leo Ciceri 23. SIAMESE CHAT (Lyric by Alan Melville; Music by Kenneth Leslie-Smith) Eric Berry 24. VERSATILE TRIO (Lyric by Alan Melville; Music by Kenneth Leslie-Smith) Hermione Baddeley, Dora Bryan, Ian Carmichael 25. FINALE: WRAP UP WELL (Lyric by Paul Dehn; Music by James Bernard)

BEAUTY AND THE BEARDS Devised and performed by Denis King, Dick Vosburgh and Sarah Redmond . Composed by Denis King; Lyrics by Dick Vosburgh Kings Head Theatre, Islington - 26 March - 15 April. 2001 SYNOPSIS A fast paced pocket revue with the accent very definitely on laughter: puns, parodies, anecdotes and satirical songs, wit, wordplay, general nonsense and non-stop banter. Originally entitled Two Beards and a Blonde and featuring Dick Vosburgh and Denis King and Tamzin Outhwaite. Cast Dick Vosburgh, Denis King, Sarah Redmond MUSICAL NUMBERS: Act 1 • Ugly Rug Ball • Let's Do the Show Right Here • If • Sliver Screen Cliches • Beethoven Biopic • Questions • Black Beauty • Guess the Well-Known Chorus 1 • Hate Songs • Guess The Well-Known Chorus 2 • Smoke Gets In Your Nose • Old Man River as written by Noel Coward • Oklahoma as written by Brecht and Veill • World War II in Nine Minutes Act 2 • The Hack Brothers • Strip • Guess the Well-Known Chorus 3 • Shakespeare Medley • Gilbert and Sullivan • Comedy Film Medley (Rossini) • Silly Song Medley • Encore: Boutros Boutros Oh Golly

BEST BIB AND TUCKER London Palladium 1942 Produced by Robert Nesbitt: Dances and Ensembles by Wendy Toye: Orchestrations by Debroy Somers 1. COMBINED OPERATIONS with the Esquire Boys, Three in Harmony, Rennee Roy's Radio Rangers, Desmond Youde and Judy Destine and Mary Naylor Gentlemen of Leisure Best Bib and Tucker (Lyrics by Barbara Gordon and Basil Thomas; Music by Harry Parr Davies) 2. IT'S IN THE PROGRAMME Tommy Trinder 3. CARIBBEAN RHAPSODY Bernard Clifton, Lamar & Rosita, Edmundo Ros and his Cuban Band (The music of the "Waltz Rumba" and the "Rango" by Eric Spear) 4. PULL UP FOR CARMEN Tommy Trinder, Edmundo Ros and his Band "No, No, No, No, Columbus" (Lyrics and Music by Val Guest) 5. JACKLEY & CLIFFORD GET INTO BATTLE DRESS The Producer – Jack Williams His Assistant – Dick Beamish A Girl – Isobel Gull An Extra – Nat Jackley Another Extra – Jack Clifford A Small Extra – Sammy Curtis The Sergeant Major – Harry Moreny 6. THE MUSIC OF AMERICA a. National Emblem – The Ensemble “Liberty” – Joan Richards b. “The West” – Bernard Clifton & the Radio Rangers c. “The South” – Mary Naylor, Desmond Youde & Judy Destine, Three in Harmony & Joseph Farrington d. “The Blues” – Lamar & Rosita e. “Old New York” – Bernard Clifton, The Radio Rangers, Betty Huntley-Wright, Tommy Trinder f. “Manhattan Melody” – Dorothy Morrow & Ensemble 7. IDYLL AT DAWNING Eddie Ready & Joy assisted by The Perfect Combination 8. 'THE SIX O'CLOCK NEWS” (by Val Guest) The Wife – Betty Huntley-Wright Her Friend – Edna Harvey Her Grandmother – Jack Williams Her Husband – Tommy Trinder Her Children – Desmond Youde & Judy Destine The Neighbours – Harry Moreny & Mary Young Flossie – Mary Naylor The Window Cleaner – Sammy Curtis

9. BAKER, DOVE and ALLEN (International Clubmen) 10. THE JACKDAW OF RHEIMS' Adapted from the Ingoldsby Legends by Basil Macdonald Hastings with music by Herman Finck, originally produced in “Brighter London” at the London Hippodrome in 1924 The Cardinal – Joseph Farrington The Abbot – Jack Williams The Jackdaw - Margaret Roseby 11. FORSYTH SEAMON & FARRELL “Quiet Please” 12. TOMMY TRINDER “Love My Business” (Lyrics and Music by Max Wall) 13. CHARIVARIA or NO COUPONS The Entire Company

BETTER LATE A New Revue by Leslie Julian Jones Orchestra under the direction of John Pritchett Garrick Theatre, London - 24 April - 26 October, 1946 1. TEMPO DI VALSE The Company 2. INTRODUCTIONS (Nicholas Phipps) Joan Swinstead 3. HEIGH-HO FOR NONSENSE Edward Lear - George Benson The Limericks - Prudence Hyman, Kay Young, Virginia Winter 4. WALTZ SONG (Tom Jones) (Edward German) Beatrice Lillie 5. LOVE WALKS BY NIGHT The Dancer - Prudence Hyman The Singers - Bernard Hunter & Kay Young 6. SHEPHERDS HEY Walter Crisham with Murray Matheson 7. AT YOUR SERVICE (Audrey and Waveney Carten) Beatrice Lillie and Joan Swinstead 8. COME THE FOUR CORNERS" Virginia Winter 9. FRANKIE AND JOHNNY (Devised and designed by William Chappell) Johnny - Walter Crisham Frankie - Prudence Hyman Nellie Bly - Virginia Winter Bar Tender - George Benson Two Spivs - Murray Matheson & Grant Tyler The Singer - Bernard Hunter 10. ADVICE TO A LADY (Lyric – Nicholas Phipps, Music – John Pritchett) Joan Swinstead 11. TO HOLD YOU IN MY ARMS (Lyric – Spencer Williams, Music – Muriel Lille) Beatrice Lillie Murray Matheson 12. ICI ON PARLE FRANÇAIS (Henry Caldwell) George Benson, Murray Matheson with Anna Marita 13. TRIPLETS (Lyric – Howard Dietz, Music – Arthur Schwartz) Beatrice Lillie, Virginia Winter, Prudence Hyman

14. SONGS OF THE TWENTIES The Company INTERVAL 15. TOEING THE PARTY LINE (Lyn(Lyric – Robert McDermott, Diana Morgan. Music – Geoffrey Wright) Labour Leader - George Benson The Followers - Virginia Winter, Grant Tyler Tory Leader - Murray Matheson The Follower - Kay Young, Bernard Hunter Liberal - Joan Swinstead 16. TOAST MELBA (Lyric - Nicholas Phipps, Music -Geoffrey Wright) Walter Crisham 17. YET ANOTHER Beatrice Lillie with the Girls 18. PRIVATE LIVES (W. Chappell) Joan Swinstead 19. WHERE DOWE DREAM FROM HERE (Hubert Gregg) Walter Crisham and Prudence Hyman 20. FOR MEN IN APRONS (H. F. Ellis) George Benson 21. OUT OF THIS WORLD (Moss Hart adapted by Dennis Waldock) The Dresser - Beatrice Lillie The Star - Virginia Winter 22. LUNCH TARANTELLA Walter Crisham with George Benson, Murray Matheson and Bernard Hunter 23. REQUIREMENTS (Nicholas Phipps) Joan Swinstead 24. LADY WINDERMERE'S FAN Beatrice Lillie 25. GIVE MY LOVE TO LONDON (Lyric—Diana Morgan, Robert McDermott. Music—Gently Wright) Walter Crisham 26. BEATRICE LILLIE At the Piano—Norman Hackforth 27. PERPETUO MOBILE The Company Dancers: Molly Gay, Cynthia Stevens, Zelda Nolan, Pamela Fisher, Anna Marita, Pat Eves, Wendy Horner, Brenda Armstrong

Claude Soman presents his new Revue BETWEEN OURSELVES An intimate Revue by Alan Melville, Denis Waldock Harold Plumtree, Eric Maschwitz, Norman Hackforth. Music by Norman Hackforth Playhouse Theatre, London - 1 September, 1946 (1 perf) Sketches and Lyrics by Eric Maschwitz; Music by Norman Hackforth; Designed and directed by Hedley Briggs. Peter Yorke and His Orchestra. Orchestrations by Peter Yorke, Dances arranged by Beatrice Appleyard 1. BETWEEN OURSELVES (Lyric by Norman Hackforth) • The Company • The Dancer - Donald Clive • The Girls - Janet Albisser, Diana Dell, Tanya Durey, Jean Freeman, Claudine Goodfellow, Patricia Stokoe 2. SHALL I COMPERE THEE? • Master of Ceremonies - Bill Fraser • Irate Gentleman - Eric Micklewood • Little Man - Paul Hansard 3. ALL CHANGE! • Mrs. Fosberry - Beryl Measor • Mr. Fosberry - George Benson • Young Husband - Donald Clive • Young Wife - Pamela Sheppard 4. MY SAILOR HATES THE SEA (Lyric by Norman Hackforth) • The Girl - Zoe Gail • Her Sailor - Donald Clive • The Girls - Claudine Goodfellow, Patricia Stokoe • The Sailors - Eric Micklewood, Paul Hansard 5. HIGHER EDUCATION • Betty Ann Davies 6. REGRETTABLE INCIDENT • Colonel Featherstonehaugh - George Benson • Major Vansittart - Gordon Little • Captain Hon. Ffoulkes - Wallas Eaton • Lieut. Jamison – Bill Fraser 7. FEATURE WRITERS (Lyric by Rodney Hobson) • Beryl Measor, Eric Micklewood, Peggy Willoughby 8. SUMMERTIME IN FONTAINEBLEAU • Old Offenbach - Gordon Little • Hortense - Hilary Allen • Young Offenbach - Eric Micklewood • Ladies - Janet Albisser, Diana Dell, Pamela Sheppard

9. DESIGNS ON HER PERSON • George Benson 10. NOCTURNE IN A FLAT (By R, Elleson, F, Shaughnessy and E, Maschwitz) • Aubrey - Bill Fraser • Elsie - Betty Ann Davis 11. ROGUES AND VAGABONDS • Old-time Actors - Gordon Little, Beryl Measor, Wallas Eaton, Hilary Allen 12. TROUBLE WITH MY FEET (Lyric by Norman Hackforth) • Zoe Gail 13. THE ACROBATS • The Corporal - Jean Freeman • The Officer - Gordon Little • Father - Wallas Eaton • Mother - Peggy Willoughby • Son - Eric Micklewood • Daughter - Patricia Stokoe 14. THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT (by Geoffrey Cools and Eric Maschwitz, Music by Barry Gray) • The Company INTERVAL 15. DANCE EPISODE • Janet Albisser, Diana Dell, Tanya Durey, Claudine Goodfellow, Patricia Stokoe, Pamela Sheppard 16. SOUL OF A FILM STAR • Rod Rochester - Bill Fraser • Loraine - Beryl Measor • Miss Hedges - Betty Ann Davies • Miss Farnsworth - Zoe Gail 17. LEFT HONOURABLES (Lyric by Geoffrey Coop, Music by Barry Gray) • The Old Brigade - George Benson, Wallas Eaton • The New Blood - Gordon Little, Eric Micklewood 18. PRIMAVERA • Primavera - Hilary Allen • Venus - Peggy Willoughby • Mercury - Paul Hansard • The Graces - Janet Albisser, Diana Dell, Tanya Durey, Pamela Sheppard • Guardsman - Donald Clive • His Girl - Jean Freeman • Sailor - Wallas Eaton • His Girl - Patricia Stokoe • Scottie - Eric Micklewood • His Girl - Claudine Goodfellow 19. THANK YOU FOR THE PARTY (Music by jack Strachey) • Betty Ann Davies

20. WORKERS’ PLAYTIME (By Denis Waldock) • Dad - Wallas Eaton • Mum - Peggy Willoughby • Reg – Bill Fraser • Doris - Beryl Measor • Eric - Eric Micklewood 21. REHEARSAL FOR SPEECH DAY (by H. F. Ellis) • George Benson 22. IF YOU MOVE —! • Bill Fraser 23. PICCADILLY (Music and Lyrics by Hubert Gregg) • Zoe Gail 24. IN THE SWAN LAKE DISTRICT (By Alan Melville) • Odette - Betty Ann Davies • The Prince - Bill Fraser • The Huntsmen - Eric Micklewood, Paul Hansard • Rotgut - Wallas Eaton • The Swans - The Dancers 25. AFTER THE SHOW • The Hon. Algy - Gordon Little • The Captain - George Benson • His Grace - Wallas Eaton • The Petunia Girl - Hilary Allen • Percy - Eric Micklewood and The Company,

BETWEEN THE LINES A Revue by the Cambridge University Footlights Dramatic Club. Scala Theatre, London - 29th June 1955. The CAST included: Peter Woodthorpe, Jonathan Miller, Rory McEwan, Trevor Williams, Brian Welsh, Julian Jebb, Willie Eustace, Roddy McKelvie, Tim Berington, John Ticehurst, Ted Taylor, Tony Westcott and Allan Mitchell Directed by Brian Marber Music arranged by Alan Venning Décor by Joan Jefferson Farjeon

BETWEEN THE LINES A Revue by the Cambridge University Footlights Dramatic Club. Scala Theatre, London - 29th June 1955. The CAST included: Peter Woodthorpe, Jonathan Miller, Rory McEwan, Trevor Williams, Brian Welsh, Julian Jebb, Willie Eustace, Roddy McKelvie, Tim Berington, John Ticehurst, Ted Taylor, Tony Westcott and Allan Mitchell Directed by Brian Marber Music arranged by Alan Venning Décor by Joan Jefferson Farjeon PROGRAMME: 1. BETWEEN THE LINES (Words: Gordon Pask, Music: Alan Vening) Porters : Jonathan Miller. Allan Mitchell Tourists: John Ticehurst, Trevor Williams, Willie Eustace, Brian Welsh, Peter Woodthorpe Students: Tim Bering ton, John Pardo, Roddy McKelvie, Tony Westcott, Ted Taylor, Julian Jebb 2. BAG AND BAGGAGE (by Simon Phipps) Peter Woodthorpe. Trevor Williams. Brian Welsh, John Ticehurst. Willie Eustace 3. OUT OF THE FRYING PAN (words: Neil Wilkie, music : David Wykes) Head Waiter: Tim Berington Waiters: Ted Taylor. Tony Westcott Diner: Brian Marber 4. OLD AGE INVENTIONERS (words and Music by Maurice Holt) Wilfred: Peter Woodthorpe Guests: Allan Mitchell, Roddy McKelvie 5. MARBLE MISERY (words: David Cregan, music: Alan Vening) Trevor Williams 6. BULD-KNUK (by Jonathan Miller) Jonathan Miller 7. TRADESMEN’S ENTRANCE (words Maurice Holt, music: Alan Vening) Tradesmen: Trevor Williams. Tony Westcott, Ted Taylor, Allan Mitchell Chef: John Ticehurst Waitresses: Willie Eustace, Brian Welsh Customers: Tim Berington, Roddy McKelvie, Julian Jebb, John Pardoe 8. EVERYBODY’S DOING IT (by Arthur Marshall) Peter Woodthorpe 9. FAREWELL FOR DUTY CALLS (words: Alastair Sampson, music : Geoffrey Beaumont) Archie: Trevor Williams Elsie: Brian Welsh

10. THE WEEK IN MOSCOW (by John Pardoe and Peter Vincent Brian Marber 11. WEIRD SISTERS (words : Colin Pearson, music : Robin Beaumont) Julian Jebb, Brian Welsh. Willie Eustace 12. ARABELLA AND JUDY (by Rory McEwen) Rory McEwen 13. UNDER ALL DIFFICULTIES (Words; Maurice Holt & David Gribble, Music: Alan Vening & Maurice Holt) Scouts: Tim Berington, Brian Welsh, John Pardoe, Allan Mitchell, Roddy McKelvie, Ted Taylor, John Ticehurst, Willie Eustace Scoutmaster: Peter Woodthorpe Cubs: Jonathan Miller, Julian Jebb, Tony Westcott 14. LONDON IN THE SEASON (words: Maurice Holt, music: Alan Vening) Family Peter Woodthorpe, Willie Eustace. Brian Welsh, Julian Jebb. Jonathan Miller Mashers: Ted Taylor, Tony Westcott Buskers: Allan Mitchell, Rory McEwen Gentry: Trevor Williams, Tim Berington. Roddy McKelvie. John Pardo. Pearly King: John Ticehurst 15. WOODMAN’S ROMANCE (words David Gribble, music: David Gribble arr. : Alan Vening) Trevor Williams 16. GOOD CLEAN FIGHT (by Ted Taylor) Chairman: Tim Berington Hamilton: John TIcehurst Ops. Officer: Ted Taylor Executive: Tony Westcott Photographer: Allan Mitchell 17. IN WHICH WE HAVE THE NERVE (words: Julian Webb and David Gribble, Music: Alan Pattillo) Amanda: Julian Webb Me: Brian Welsh 18. A WATERFRONT NAMED DESIREE (by Leslie Bricusse) Terry: Brian Marber Evie: Julian Jebb Johnny: John Ticehurst 19, THERE’S NO BUSINESS a) Three in Discord (words David Gribble, music: John Anstis) Roddy McKelvie, John Pardoe, Tony Westcott b) Top of the Bill (by Ted Taylor, Frederic Raphael, Tony Becher, music: Frederic Leslie ) Ted Taylor, Brian Mather c) Hornpipe (words: David Cregan, music : Tony Westcott) John Ticehurst. Peter Woodthorpe

20. TOY WARFARE (Words: Maurice Holt Music: Alan Vening) Officer: John Pardoe Drummer: Julian Jebb Standard Bearer: Willie Eustace Soldiers: Trevor Williams. Tony Westcott, Roddy McKelvie, Tim Berington, John Ticchurst. Ted Taylor, Brian Welsh, Allan Mitchell 21. OUR ISLAND HERITAGE (by Jonathan Miller) Jonathan Miller 22. THE THRONELESS YEARS (words David Cregan, music David Wykes) Tim Berington. Trevor Williams. John Pardoe 23. FLY IN THE OINTMENT (by Frederic Raphael) Passengers: Brian Welsh, Peter Woodthorpc Steward: Allan Mitchell 24. BOWLED OVER (by Rory McEwen) Rory McEwen 2S. TIME TO CHANGE (words: Gordon Pask and Colin Pearson, music: Alan Vening and Brian Rees) The Company

Original Cast Rcording By arrangement with Anna Deere Wyman William Donaldson for Jack Waller Ltd & Donald Albery for Calabash Productions Ltd present Alan Bennett, Peter Cook, Jonathan Miller, Dudley Moore In their revue BEYOND THE FRINGE Directed by Eleanor Fazan. Setting and Lighting by John Wyckham. Originally conceived and produced for the Edinburgh Festival by John Bassett. All the music composed or arranged by Dudley Moore Fortune Theatre, London - 10th May, 1961 (1184 perfs). Transferred to May Fair Theatre 15 April, 1964 (1016 perfs) PROGRAMME: PART ONE • STEPPES IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION - by Peter Cook • ROYAL BOX – by Peter Cook • MAN BITES GOD - by Peter Cook and Jonathan Miller • MAN OF PRINCIPLE - by Alan Bennett • BOLLARD - by Peter Cook • THE HEAT-DEATH OF THE UNIVERSE – by Jonathan Miller • DEUTSCHER CHANSONS - by Dudley Moore • THE SADDER AND WISER BEAVER - by Peter Cook • WORDS …… AND THINGS by Alan Bennett • T.V.P.M. - by Peter Cook • AND THE SAME TO YOU - by Dudley Moore • AFTERMYTH OF WAR - The Company INTERVAL PART TWO • CIVIL WAR - by The Company • REAL CLASS – by The Company • LITTLE MISS BRITTEN – by Dudley Moore • THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME – Alan Bennett and Jonathan Miller • ALL RIGHT, SIR, IT DOESN’T WHISTLE – by Jonathan Miller • FRANK SPEAKING – by Alan Bennett • BLOODY RHONDDA MINE – by Peter Cook • BLACK EQUALS WHITE - by Peter Cook • SITTING ON THE BENCH - by Peter Cook • BREAD ALONE – by The Company • TAKE A PEW – by Alan Bennett • SO THAT'S THE WAY YOU LIKE IT – by Jonathan Miller • THE END OF THE WORLD – by Peter Cook

Charles B, Cochran's BIG TOP Revue By Herbert Farjeon Music by Geoffrey Wright, Nicholls Brodsky, Elsie April, Harry Parr Davies; Produced by Herbert Mason; Choreography by Buddy Bradley unless otherwise stated The Orchestra Directed and Orchestrations by Ben Frankel Sketches and Lyrics by Mr, Farjeon unless otherwise stated His Majesty’s Theatre - 8 May - 29 August 1942 PART I Scene I—GETTING RID OF IT (Music by Geoffrey Wright and Harry Parr Davis) Mr, Cochran's Young Ladies Compere - Charles Hickman London Song - Patricia Burke Baritone Song - Fred Emney Dirty Song - Cyril ,Ritchard, Madge Elliott Paris Song - Beatrice Lillie Scene 2 —WHAT'S IN A NAME (In collaboration with Eleanor Farjeon) Cyril Ritchard, Fred Emney Scene 3 —OFFICE RHYTHM (Words by Charles Nickerson, Music by Ben Frankel) Compere - Charles Hickman Secretary - Patricia Burke Manager - Robin Hood Typist - Babbie McManus Office Boy - Donald Reed Charwoman - Heather Boys A Zazu Pitts Fan - Gretchen Franklin The Boss - John Brandon Other film Fans: Angela Braemar, Enid Smeeden Scene 4 —BIRD SONG (Music by Geoffrey Wright) Beatrice Lillie Scene 5 —COUPON STRIP TEASE (Music by Geoffrey Wright) Pearl Carr, Lee Hanson, Enid Smeeden, Paddle Raymonde, Sabina Gordon, Ruth Warner Choreography by Andree Howard and Buddy Bradley Scene 6—WEDDING RECEPTION (by Desmond Martin) Bride - Madge Elliott Bridegroom - Cyril Ritchard Aunt Alice - Gretchen Franklin Uncle Dick - Fred Emney Cockney - Charles Hickman Setting by Glamour Girl – Beatrice Lillie

Scene 7 —FLAMINGO (by Ted Grauya and Edmund Anderson; Choreography by Andree Howard) The Singer - Patricia Burke The Dancer - Yoma Mr. Cochran's Young Ladies Scene 8—TELLING A TALE (by Aubrey Wilmer) Fred Emney, Charles Hickman Scene 9 —MOCKBETH (by Aubrey Wilmer, Music by Geoffrey Wright) Lady Macbeth - Beatrice Lillie Macbeth - Cyril Ritchard Macduff - Fred Emney Macbluff – Robin Hood Drunken - Charles Hickman Gentlewoman – Madge Elliott Sergeant, Morlais Morgan Lord - Charles Peters Soldier, Spencer Thomas The Witches, Maurice Leverett, Gretchen Franklin, Charles Peters MEMORIES OF 1937 Scene 10,—CASINO DE PARIS Song “Pigeon Vole” (lyric and Music by Charles Trenet) Marcel de Haes & Mr. Cochran's Young Ladies Scene 11—THE BALLET AT COVENT GARDEN Introduced by Patricia Burke (from the boxes) - By Aubrey Wilmer • BOX 1 M. Leverett • BOX 2 Charles Hickman, Madge Elliott, Angela Braemar • BOX 3 Robin Hood, Heather Boys • BOX 4 Beatrice Lillie, Daphne Peretz • BOX 5 Fred Emny, Evette Huntley Scene 12, —THE BEAU'S LAMENT (by Harold Purcell, Music by Harry Parr Davies) Cyril Ritchard Scene 13—SOUTH AMERICAN WAY Beatrice Lillie Miss Lillle's songs: Lyric by Tommy Connor, Music by Nicholas Bredzsky The Dancer In White - Yoma Music for Yoma’s dance by Clifton Porker Cyril Ritchard, Fred Emney, Madge Elliott, Patricia Burke, and Company INTERVAL Part II Scene I4—THE GHOST OF AN OLD CHORUS (Music by Geoffrey Wright) The Spirit – Patricia Burke Mr. Cochran’s Young Ladies

Scene 15—ALL STAR QUARTETTE (Music by Geoffrey Wright) Beatrice Lillie, Cyril Ritchard, Fred Emney, Madge Elliott Scene 16 —FREE FRENCH (Music be Geoffrey Wright) Sailor - Marcel de Haes Waitress - Gretchen Franklin Scene 17 —MUSICAL COMEDY TIME (words by Diana Morgan, Music by Elsie April) Cyril Ritchard and Madge Elliott Scene 18—ROMANY EMENY (by Charles Hickman) Romany Emeny – Fred Emney His Assistant - Charles Hickman First Client – Daphne Peretz Second Client Heather Boys Gipsy Girls - Yvonne Robinson, Pearl Carr Scene 19—MADAME RACAMIER (Music by Geoffrey Wright) Racamier - Beatrice Lillie Pages – Enid Smeeton, Yvonne Robinson Scene 20—HEY HO (Lyrics by Barbara Gordon and Basil Thomas, Music by Harry Parr Davies) The Singers - Cyril Ritchard, Patricia Burke, Madge Elliott Scene 21—THE LADY IN GREY (Music by Harry Parr Davies, Lyric by Barbara Gordan end Basil Thomas) Beatrice Lillie Scene 22 —SUB STUFF (by Reginald Beckwith) Cyril Ritchard Scene 23—SHEILA AND THE PEELER (Music by Nicholas Brozsky) Sheila - Patricia Burke Barnes - Charles Peters The Peeler - Robin Hood Scene 24—VIN EXTRAORDINAIRE (In collaboration with Reginald Beckwith) The Patrons - Beatrice Lillie, Cyril Ritchard, Fred Emney Waiter - Charles Hickman Scene 25 -WHEN I HEAR MUSIC (Lyric by Barbara Gordon and Basil Thomas, Music by Harry Parr Davies Patricia Burke and The Buddy Boys Scene 26 - INDIA Beatrice Lillie, Cyril Ritchard, Fred Emney, Madge Elliott, Patricia Burke and Company "Song of India " used by kind permission of Boosey & Hawke Ltd,

THE BILLY BARNES REVUE Music and lyrics by Billy Barnes; Sketches and staging by Bob Rodgers. Presented by Harold Fielding in association with Sam Coslow and Harry Edwards. Lyric Opera House, London - 4 April, 1960 THE CAST American Girls Joyce Jameson Ann Guilbert Patti Regan Jackie Joseph English Boys Ronnie Stevens Ted Rogers Terence Cooper Richard Owen English production supervised by Freddie Carpenter Choreography by Ross Taylor Settings by Robert Weaver Lighting by John Wyckham MUSICAL NUMBERs 1. Do a Revue by Various artists 2. Where Are Your Children? by Various artists 3. Foolin’ Ourselves by Bert Convy & Ken Berry 4. Las Vegas by Joyce Jameson, Bert Convy & Ken Berry 5. What Ever Happened? by Patti Regan 6. Have I Stayed Too long at the Fair? by Joyce Jameson & Jackie Joseph 7. Listen to the Beat! by Various artists 8. City of the Angels by Joyce Jameson, Ann Guilbert & Jackie Joseph 9. Blocks by Bob Rodgers & Jackie Joseph 10. What Ever Happened? by Patti Regan 11. The Fights by Joyce Jameson & Bob Rodgers 12. Tyler My Boy by Bert Convy 13. What Ever Happened? by Patti Regan 14. One of Those Days - Finale by Jackie Joseph, Bert Convy & Ken Berry "BILLY BARNES REVUED" - Original Cast Album - DLR900107 THE BILLY BARNES REVUE (THE ORIGINAL CAST ALBUM)

Moss Empires Limited present George Black's New Intimate Rag BLACK VELVET Produced by Robert Nesbitt Dances arranged by Wendy Toye; Music by Harry Parr-Davies Decor by Joseph Carl: Costumes created and executed by Alec Shanks Sketches by George Black, Mary Dunn, Pamela Frankau and Douglas Furber Debroy Somers and his Orchestra The Rag Produced under the Personal Supervision of George Black PART I DARK HARMONY INTRODUCING THE WORLD'S LOVELIEST GIRLS • The Dancers - Marjorie, Sheila, Murie, Eileen, Ann, Lola, Kathleen, Edna, Pat, Phyllis, Mary, Beryl, Roma, Bubbly, Moina, Judy • The Models - Virginia, Dawn, Rosaline, Ann, Gwen, Madge, Roberta, Phyllis • The Starlets - Carole Lynne, Roma Beaumont, Iris Lockwood • Pat Kirkwood Swings into "BUBBLE BUBBLE" (Lyric by Roma Campbell Hunter, Music by Harry Parr-Davies) until VIC OLIVER arrives DARKER HARMONY, by the Nesbitt Brothers VIC OLIVER and ROMA BEAUMONT THE FAMILY CIRCLE (designed by Gyamarthy) • The Little Old Lady - Vivien Grenville • Her Son - Cyril Smith TURKISH DELIGHT • The Turk - Teddy Brown • The Deligh - LOUISE LLOYD Roberta Huby Interrupts CENSORED by the Ministry Of ? • The Minister - Vic Oliver • A … H … - Jack Morrison • The Minister's Secretary - John Palmer • Typist - Kenneth Birrell COLE PORTER contributes— "MY HEART BELONGS TO DADDY " (GOLD-DIGGERS OF 1939) • The Red Fox - Pat Kirkwood • The Silver Fox - Carole Lynne • The Beige Fox - Roberta Huby • The White Fox - Norma Dawn • "The Sugar Daddies " are • Arnold Rooke, Terence Conlin, Cyril Smith, Kenneth Birrell "Orchids in the Evening" (Lyric by Roma Campbell Hunter. Music by Harry Parr-Davies) - a dancing nocturne

• The Singer - Leigh Stafford • The Lady of the Morning - Roma Beaumont • The Lady of the Evening - Louise Lloyd ACHTUNG! ACHTUNG! ALL FALL DOWN • Jack and John Bredwin Come and meet the Stars at THE CAFE ROYAL • The entire proceedings conducted by Vic Oliver • The Sisters Vernon - Carole Lynne and Roma Milne • Gus Elen - Cyril Smith • Miss Vesta Victoria - Roma Beaumont • A Pair of Revellers - Tonie Edgar Bruce and Teddy Brown • Miss Vesta Tilley - Pat Kirkwood • La Mattiche - Leigh Stafford and Louise Lloyd, and Alice Lloyd So COME AND DANCE THE POLKA with the Entire Company INTERMISSION VIC OLIVER says that you are invited to remain for the Second Part without any extra charge PART II LA CONGALERO • with Leigh Stafford and The Conga Dancers THE ADMIRABLE JOHNSON • Johnson - Cyril Smith • The Colonel - Terence Conlin • The Colonel's Lady - Iris Lockwood • That Man Vic Oliver is here again! Come on—MAX and HARRY NESBITT—it's Your Turn THREE SHADES OF BLUE (Music by Harry Parr-Davies) • The Sylphides - Beryl, Marjorie, Judy, Lola • The Moderns - Bubbly, Phyllis, Kathleen, Roma, Edna, Muriel • The Sequins - Pat, Eileen, Moina, Ann, Sheila, Mary • Love-in-the-Mist - Roma Beaumont • Turquoise - Louise Lloyd • Midnight - Norma Dawn • LEIGH STAFFORD • The Singer - Kenneth Birrell Iris Lockwood demonstrates that "BREEDING WILL TELL" • Ernie - Cyril Smith • Doris - Carole Lynne • Gladys - Roma Beaumont • Lady Marne - Tonie Edgar Bruce • Footman - John Palmer

Here is PAT KIRKWOOD singing two of Cole Porter's Songs— "Get Out of Town" and "Most Gentlemen Don't Like Love" BRINGING UP THE HEAVIES Teddy Brown, Carole Lynne, Pat Kirkwood, Roma Beaumont, The "Shock Troops" "HELL'S BELLS" There's still time to go to the Palladium— The Reason - VIC OLIVER CRASH! BANG! I WANT TO GO HOME (Lyric by Ralph Butler, Music by Harry Parr-Davies) FINALE with the Entire Company "HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE" (Lyric by Phil Park. Music by Harry Parr-Davies)

BLACKBIRDS A Revue presented by Charles B. Cochrane; Music and lyrics by George W. Meyer London Pavilion - 11 September, 1926 (279 perfs) The CAST included: Johnny Hudgins, Florence Mills, Lloyd Mitchell, The Plantation Orchestra, Clarence Robinson, Edith Wilson The Programme included: • Silver Rose • Smilin' Joe • Arabella's Wdding Day • For Baby and Me • On the Beach at Waika Kiki Blues • Do the Black Bottom With Me • Mandy, Make Up Your Mind • Jazz Time Came from the South • I’m a Little Blackbird Looking for a Blue Bird • Don’t Advertise Your Man • I Don’t Want Nobody But You

BLACK VANITIES Revue devised by George Black. Music and Lyrics: Michael Carr, David Heneker, Ray Noble, Cole Porter, Eric Maschwitz, Harry Jacobson. Victoria Palace Theatre, London - 24 April, 1941 The CAST included: Chesney Allen, Frances Day, Bud Flanagan, Zoë Gail, Patricia Leonard, Cyril Smith, Naunton Wayne THE PROGRAMME 1. SALUTE TO VANITY The Lady in Black. - Joan Richards Lady of the Evening - Patricia Leonard Her Escort - Robert Lindon The Smart Guy – Naunton Wayne Girl Friends: Zoe Gail, Jacqueline Elmore and Lucille Gaye The Chauffeurs - Kenneth Carten, Maurice Leverett and Leo Llewellyn A West-End Pest - Bud Flanagan Oh, That Tiger” - Chesney Allen “ I Like a Good Time” (words and music by Michael Carr and Walter Ridley) 2. NAUNTON WAYNE HAS SOMETHING TO SAY The Distracter - Patricia Leonard If You Move It’s Rude” (by Eric Maschwitz & Jack Strachy) 3. DO YOUR DUTY The Officer - Chesney Allen The Private - Bud Flanagan An N.C.O. - George Stone The Girl - Eileen Moore 4. VICTORIAN VANITY Introduced by the Girls in the Bustles The Singer - Frances Day “In the Days of Queen Victoria” (Greig, Robert MacDermot & Harry Jacobson) 5. DO YOU REMEMBER? (Eric Maschwitz) The Ticket Collector - Cyril Smith The Clippee - Patricia Leonard Taking you back to— (a) BRIGHTON ON AN AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY, 1912 (Music by Jack Strachy) (b)THE BLUE TRAIN, ON ANY MIDSUMMER NIGHT - (Eric Maschwitz) The Car Attendant - Leo Llewellyn The Chauffeur - Kenneth Carten The Man - Naunton Wayne The Girl - Frances Day (c) FLOODLIT RACING AT LONG-CHAMPS, 1936 The Jockeys - Flanagan & Allen “Let’s be Buddies “(Words and Music by Cole Porter) 6. THE BORSTAL BOYS IN PARIS

7. MISSISSIPPI MINSTRELS A Rhapsody in Ragtime “The Cake Walk “ - Jacqueline Elmore and Lucille Gaye “Alexander’s Ragtime Band” - Patricia Leonard “Darktown Strutters’ Ball” - Frances Day & Flanagan & Allen The Strutters: Bob Lindon and Bubbly Rogers “Coal Black Mammy” - Zoe Gail “ Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Shean “ - Chesney Allen & Naunton Wayne “ Miss Annabel Lee” - Frances Day Topsy - Sammy Curtis Ida - Bud Flanagan Finale---The Minstrel Wedding INTERMISSION - Debroy Somers And His Band 8. MIDSUMMER MUSIC The Cherry Picker - Zoe Gail Two Girls in Blue: Jacqueline Elmore and Lucille Gaye 9. FAMOUS FIRSTS The Commentator: Naunton Wayne 10. PANAMA TATTY (Val Guest) The Commissioner: Chesney Allen A Beachcomber: Bud Flanagan Panama Tatty: Frances Day “But in the Morning, No “ (Words and Music by Cole Porter) 11. IROQUOIS—An Indian Fantasy (To the Music of Ray Noble, Lyric by Michael Carr) Sung_by Patricia Leonard The Witch Doctor: Robert Lindon 12. DROP ME A LINE (Val Guest) Sung by Zoe Gail The Censor: Naunton Wayne 13. THE FOUNDATIONS OF MUSIC Undermined by - Flanagan & Allen “Taste Sea” (Lyrics by Billy Bennett) 14. THE D’LOVELY FRANCES DAY will sing “Much More Lovely” (David Henneker) “I-L-l-l love You So” (Harry Jacobson and Edward Heyman) “Silver Wings” (Eric Maschwitz and Michael Carr) “Do I Love You, Do I?” (Cole Porter) At the Piano : Harry Jacobson 15. FAREWELL TO VANITY The Entire Company

THE BLACK & WHITE MINSTREL SHOW Revue devised and produced by George Inns; Choreography by Larry Gordon; Lighting by Laurie Bloom; Costumes designed by Mary Woods; Decor by Stanley Dorfman. Vocal arrangements and routines by George Mitchell. Victoria Palace Theatre, London - First performance Friday, May 25th, 1962 The CAST included: Tony Mercer, Dai Francis, John Boulter, the George Mitchell Minstrels, Leslie Crowther, Margo Henderson, the Schaller Brothers, George Chisholm, the Television Toppers The Programme: George Steele conducts the Victoria Palace Orchestra in THE MINSTREL OVERTURE 1. The George Mitchell Minstrels and Maids and the Television Toppers " ON PARADE " 2. TONY MERCER, THE MINSTRELS and "An Old Soft Shoe" 3. LESLIE CROWTHER, MARGO HENDERSON and GEORGE CHISHOLM in "A Three Point Landing" 4. MEET THE GIRLS 5. GEORGE CHISHOLM and THE JAllERS with PAT ELLIS 6. DAI FRANCIS Pays Tribute to AL JOLSON 7. MARGO HENDERSON The Essence of Versatility 8. THE MINSTRELS, MAIDS and TOPPERS say "We'll Si Si you in Bahia" 9. HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD! 10. THE SCHALLER BROTHERS ... International Comedy Trampolinists 11. TONY MERCER and THE BOYS and GIRLS take you 12. "Down Memory Lane" 13. THE JAYE SISTERS 14. COWBOYS and INDIANS! 15. SPEED MANIACS—LESLIE CROWTHER and GEORGE CHISHOLM 16. JOHN BOULIER, THE MINSTRELS, MAIDS and TOPPERS in "Serenade in the Night" 17. LESLIE CROWTHER assisted by PAT ELLIS invites you to 18. "Listen with Mother" 19. THE MINSTRELS ... "Dry Bones" 20. THE COMPANY ... "Doo Dah Dey" THE GEORGE MITCHELL MINSTRELS Featured Soloists: TONY MERCER, DAI FRANCIS, JOHN BOULTER. Maurice Arthur, John Van Best, Jan Bolitho, Steve Bryce, Malcolm Dockeray, Patric Feeney, Paul Haley, George Holden, Rodney James, Arthur Lewis, Danny McGowan, Norman Rich, Michael Rowlatt, Clifton Todd, Bill Tulips, Peter Wade. THE TELEVISION TOPPERS Sandra Fingerhut, Loraine Hart, Wendy Locke, Mandy Mayer, Beryl Martin, Sandra Martin, Judy Morris, Lorna Nathan, Pauline Nichols, Jean Silcox, Kay Smith, Penny Rigden, Connie Reid, Anne Woodward. THE MITCHELL MAIDS Tina Brown, Velta Caklais, Angela Langton, Elizabeth Paul,

THE BOLTONS REVUE An Intimate Revue Devised and directed by Billy Milton Dances And Arrangements by Donald Reed Devised and directed by BILLY MILTON Choreography: DONALD REED At the pianos: ROBB STEWART and KENNETH BROADBERRY St James’ Theatre - 9 March, 1948 - 17 March, 1948 (44 Perfs) PART ONE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS (Lyric by Michael Treford, Music by Jack Strachey) Billy Milton, Daphne Anderson, Donald Reed, John Warwick, Sheila Mathews, Richard Gilbert, Reg Varney, Rosaline Haddon, Patricia Dainton The Girls - Thea Wilmer, Janice Lothian, Claudine Goodfellow, Mary Dean, Pamela Sheppard, Diane Morley COVENT GARDEN ROUNDELAY (Lyric by Michael Treford, Music by Jack Strachey) Singer - John Warwick Mistress Sally - Patricia Dainton OUTCASTS (Lyric by Michael Treford, Music by Jack Strachey) Richard Gilbert, Donald Reed, Reg Varney POOR FAKIR (Lyric by Michael Treford, Music by Billy Milton) Billy Milton LULU (Lyric and Music by Jack Strachey The Sailors - Donald Reed, Reg Varney Lulu - Sheila Mathews and The Girls COLONEL BAXTER (lyric by Gerry Bryant, Music by Jack Strachey) Daphne Anderson TWO PIANOS AND ME (Milton Lyric and Music by Billy Milton) Donald Reed MOVIE CHILD (By Denis Waldock; Lyric & Music by Michael Darbyshire and Robb Stewart)) Dawn Sheila Matthews Maid - Janice Lothian NO ORCHIDS (Lyric by Allan Stranks, Music by Jack Strachey, arranged by Robb Diffen) Singer- Billy Milton Lounger – Donald Reed Waitress – Thea Wilmer Customers – Claudine Goodfellow, Dickie Martyn and the Company OLD COMRADES (By Alfred Shaughnessy) Susan Burchell - Sheila Mathews Burglar - Richard Gilbert Teddy BurcheII - Billy Milton Policeman - Donald Reed

DEMODE (Lyric by Michael Treford, Music by Billy Milton) Three Modern Girls - Thea Wilmer, Claudine Goodfellow, Mary Dean Lady from the Shires -Daphne Anderson ROYAL WEDDING (By Richard Gilbert) Richard Gilbert A SNOWDROP IN BLOOM (Lyric and Music by Jack Strachey) Patricia Dainton THE PRIDE OF THE PIER (Lyric by George Lennard and Reg Low, Music by Reg Low) Commère - Patricia Dainton She - Daphne Anderson He - Billy Milton and The Girls PUSSY (Lyric and Music by Jack Strachey) Rosaline Haddon TIDDELY - Lyric and Music by Jack Strachey) Daphne Anderson, Billy Miilton, Reg Varney and The Company TEN MINUTES INTERVAL Piano Speciality by Robb Stewart-and Kennet Broadberry PART TWO WE POLKA (Lyrics and Music by Jack Strachey) The Company GASTON (Lyric by Michel Treford, Music by Billy Milton) Billy Milton VALENTINE (Lyric and Music by Jack Strachey) Boy - John Warwick Girl - Sheila Mathews Thea Wilmer, Claudine Goodfellow, Pamela Sheppard, Diane Morley TOO TALL (Lyric by Erie Maschwitz, Music by Jack Strachey) Actress - Rosaline Haddon Office Boy - Reg Varney EDWARDIAN LADIES (Lyric and Music by Jack Strachey) Dolly de Vere - Billy Milton Desiree - Richard Gilbert LITTLE LORD FAUNTLEROY (Lyric and Music by Capel Annand and H.E. Todd) Donald Reed CHELSEA – (Lyric and Music by Jack Strachey) Daphne Anderson, Rosaline Haddon, Sheila Mathews I FIDDLE FOR THE MILLION (Lyric by David Yates Mason, Music by: Alan Paul) Richard Gilbert