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Cover to Original Cast RecordingVirtue in Danger

A musical in 2 acts: Book and lyrics by Paul Dehn; music by James Bernard. Based on Jon Vanbrugh's The Relapse or Virtue in Danger.

Mermaid Theatre, London 10 April, 1963. Transferred to Strand Theatre 3 June, 1963 (perfs 121)


The main action deals with the brief relapse of the happily married Loveless into his former ways. During a visit to London he seduces a pretty widow disregarding the warnings on his virtuous wife Amanda, who herself remains faithful to her philandering husband in spite of an attempt at seductioon by Mr. Worthy. The subplot concerns the efforts of the penniless young Mr Fashion to cheat his foppish and overbearing brother out of marrying for the sake of a fortune, and enterprise in which he succeeds by posing as his brother and marrying the lady himself.

Musical Numbers:

  1. Introduction
  2. Don't Call Me Sir! - Lord Foppington
  3. Fortune, Thou Art a Bitch! - Fashion & Lory
  4. I'm In Love With My Husband - Amanda & Berinthia
  5. Hurry Surgeon! - Lord Foppington, Doctor Syringe & Chorus
  6. Conscience, Thou Art a Bore - Fashion, Lory & Chorus
  7. Let's Fall Together - Berinthia
  8. Nurse, Nurse, Nurse! - Miss Hoyden, Nurse, Fashion
  9. Say the Word - Worthy, Amanda
  10. Fire a Salute - Lord Foppington, Sir Tunbelly Clumsey & Chorus
  11. Put Him In the Doghouse - Sir Tunbelly Clumsey, Lord Foppington & Chorus
  12. Hoyden Hath Charms - Sir Tunbelly Clumsey
  13. Berinthia's Recit - Berinthia, Loveless
  14. Wait a Little Longer, Lover - Berinthia, Worthy
  15. Why Do I Feel What I Feel? - Fashion
  16. Stand Back Old Sodom - Coupler, Fashion
  17. O Take This Ancient Mansion - Nurse, Fashion, Lory, Bull, Coupler
  18. Finale - Company
  19. Epilogue - Company

Cast of Characters

(in order of appearance)

Lord Foppington's Servants
Lord Foppington - newly made a Peer
La Varole - valet to Foppington
Fashion - impecumious brother to Foppington
Lory - servant to Fashion
Coupler - a schemingmatchmaker
Amanda - faithful wife to Loveless
Loveless - erring husband to Amanda
Berinthia - a prospecting widow
Doctor Syringe
Worthy - a philanderer
Abigail, Blemish - serving maids
Mis Hoyden - Sir Tunbelly's daughter
Nurse to Miss Hoyden
Sir Tunbelly's Servants
Sir Tunbelly Clumsey - a wealthy Squire
Bull - an Ecclesiastic
Sir John Friendly