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Musical in 2 acts: Music and lyrics by Lionel Bart; book by Lionel Bart and Harvey Orkin.

Palace Theatre, Manchester 3rd November, 1965
Shaftesbury Theatre, 20 December 1965. (43 performances)


A burlesque on the Robin Hood legend.

Musical Numbers

  1. May a Man Be Merry
  2. Welcome to Sherwood
  3. Wander
  4. What Makes a Star?
  5. Make an Honest Woman [of Me]
  6. Roger the Ugly
  7. To the Woods
  8. Dreamchild
  9. With Bells On
  10. Sighs
  11. You Can't Catch Me
  12. Living a Legend
  13. Unseen Hands
  14. Writing on the Wall
  15. Whose Little Girl Are You?
  16. Follow Your Leader
  17. I'll Be Hanged
  18. Tan-Ta-Ra!