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13 The Musical

Musical in 2 Acts ±. book by Dan Elish; lyrics by Jason Robert Brown and Robert Horn; music by Jason Robert Brown

The Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles, CA - 7 January, 2007 to 18 February, 2007
Norma Terris Theater, Chester, Connecticut - 9 May, 2008 to 8 June, 2008
Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre, Broadway - Opened 5 October, 2008. Closed January 4, 2009.


Evan Goldman is cool and popular, and lives in the greatest city there is, New York. Then his parents divorce and his mother moves to Indiana. In two weeks Evan will turn 13 and he wants all the cool kids to be there at his Bar Mitzvah.

He initially meets Patrice who shows him around town, which turns out to be basically nothing.

On the first day of school, the hot football player, Brett, asks the beautiful head cheerleader, Kendra, out on a date. But Kendra's best friend, Lucy, also likes Brett and does not want them to date. Succumbing to peer pressure, Evan uninvites Patrice to his Bar Mitzvah, and Patrice drops their friendship. Also, Evan meets Archie who is physically handicapped. Archie manipulates Evan by threatening to go to his Bar Mitzvah and ruin it unless he gets him a date with Kendra. Evan agrees, but asks Archie talk to Patrice to ask her to forgive him. Patrice responds that if Evan was a real friend he wouldn't do all those bad things to her. The word gets around school that Brett and Kendra are finally going to do The Tongue at the movies. Meanwhile Evan plans to have Archie will talk to Evan's mother because no one can say no to a boy with a terminal illness.

Everyone is getting ready to go to the movies on Friday night. Lucy tells Kendra that she should not kiss Brett because she is a good girl and not a slut. At the movies, Brett prepares to kiss Kendra, but everything goes wrong. Brett's friends don't like Lucy and think that she is bad news. Brett realises he made a mistake with Kendra and enlists Evan's and Patrice's help to get her back. Lucy starts a rumour that Evan and Kendra were seen kissing at the mall. Brett and Evan get in a fight, and Patrice comes to Evan's aid and forgives him as they kiss.

At Evan's Bar Mitzvah, everyone talks about their journeys and adventures as they turned 13. Evan states that he may have just turned 13, but he's only getting started.


Musical Numbers


* dropped

Goodspeed musical Numbers

  1. Thirteen! (Evan and Company)
  2. Becoming A Man (Evan)
  3. I've Got A Feeling (Patrice, Brett and Company)
  4. Get Me What I Need (Archie & Company)
  5. What It Means To Be A Friend (Patrice)
  6. All Hail The Brain(Evan, Archie and Company)
  7. Getting Ready (Evan, Archie, Lucy, Kendra, Brett, Patrice and Company)
  8. Any Minute (Brett and Kendra)
  9. Here I Come (Evan and Company)
  10. Anything You Want (Brett, Lucy, Kendra and Company)
  11. Bad Bad News (Malcom, Eddie, Simon and Boys)
  12. Tell Her (Evan and Patrice)
  13. Big Day (Company) (cut from production)
  14. Perfect Pieces (Evan) (cut from production)
  15. It Can't Be True (Lucy and Company)
  16. If That's What It Is (Archie, Patrice and Evan)
  17. A Little More Homework (Evan and Company)

± Revised after previews to one continuous act