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Shell Out

A Revue devised by Albert de Courville and Wal Pink. Music by Herman Darewski; Lyrics by Albert de Courville and Wal Pink. Additional Songs by Earl Carroll and E.R. Ball

Comedy Theatre, London - 24 August, 1915 (315 perfs)


The Cast included:

Amy Augarde, Hope Charteris, Fred Emney, Garry Lynch, George Manton, Unity More, Tom A. Shale, Tom Stuart, Louie Tinsley


The Programme included:

  1. Girls, Girls, Girls
  2. I Want Loving All the Time
  3. Little Miss Lancashire
  4. If the Girlies Could Be Soldiers
  5. Twelve Little Girls Per Year
  6. Canoeing
  7. Restaurent Scene
  8. Sprinkle Me With Kisses
  9. Parlour Scene
  10. Stage Door Scene
  11. Pom-tiddley-om-pom
  12. The British Artillery
  13. It's Flag Day