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Cover to cast recording


Book and lyrics by Dick Vosburgh; Music by Denis King;

Opened King's Head Theatre 21 April, 1999. Transferred to Apollo Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, London - Opened 22 September, 1999: Closed 15 January, 2000 (Total 133 performances)


Inspired by Molière's Le Cocu Imaginaire the characters in the play have been replaced with the most popular Hollywood stars of the 1940s - from W.C. Fields to Mae West, Rita Heyworth, Gene Kelly, Jimmy Durante, the Andrews Sisters and Abbott and Costello - to bring the story of two couples, each of whom suspects the other of dallying with the other's half (you have to concentrate to keep up …)


Anna Bagalucci (a Rita Hayworth type) announces she is going to marry Danny O’Reilley, a sailor on leave, even though her father is dead set against it. But Anna’s lost locket with a photo of Danny is found by raunchy Mrs Fay Bogle (a Mae West type), who fancies Danny and aims to get her man. Anna thinks Danny is being unfaithful, and meantime, the aged drunk, Mr Bogle (a W.C.Fields type) confuses Danny, leading him to believe that Anna is the actual Mrs Bogle.

Principal Cast

Musical Numbers:

  1. Overture - Orchestra
  2. Mr. Molière - The Andrews Sisters
  3. Start-the-Day Tune - Bagalucci
  4. The Navy's In Town - Faye
  5. My All American Girl - Danny
  6. A Saint She Ain't - Danny and Bogle
  7. I Love to Hold Rose - Bagalucci
  8. I Only Dig That Jive - Trudy and Willoughby
  9. You're the Only Star In My Heaven - Anna and Danny
  10. Entr'acte
  11. Manitowoe - Trudy
  12. There Oughta Be a Way - Bagalucci
  13. The Joke's On Me - Anna
  14. Can't Help Dancing - Anna and Danny
  15. The Banana For My Pie - Faye
  16. Finaletto - Company
    Finale Ultimo - Company


Original London Cast - First Night Records - CASTCD73