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The Singing Girlsg2011

A Comic Opera in 3 Acts.; Music by Victor Herbert; Book by Stanislaus Stangé. Lyrics by Harry B. Smith

Casino Theatre, New York - 23rd October, 1899.


When the Duke of Linz is jilted he decrees all would-be lovers must first obtain a licence to woo. Youngsters caught kissing must promptly be married or imprisoned for life. But Greta, the singing girl, and her Count Otto prevail on the Duke to live and let live.

Musical Numbers


ACT I - Franz-Josef's Platz in Linz, Austria. (Period: July 1820)

  1. Opening Chorus - "Fill up again, my comrades bold, and raise defiant voice..."
  2. Entrance Song - Aufpassen and Chorus - "Allow me to inform you with the proper sort of gravity..."
  3. Song - Otto - "Who is my well beloved, do you ask; Your question, comrades, makes me pause and ponder..."
  4. Entrance and Song - Duke Rodolph - "Strew your posies odoriferous; through your noses sing! ..."
  5. Entrance and Song - Greta and Chorus - "Here's the little singing girl ... a universal favorite..."
  6. Song - Maire - "What ever fate that after years may bring to me, of grief or care, my life were joy alone..."
  7. Finale Act I - "Boom! Boom! Boom! The great alarm bell sounds, with customary clatter..."

ACT II - Bridal Apartments in the Ducal Palace.

  1. Opening Chorus - "To these noble halls baronial come society's elite, at their wedding ceremonial..."
  2. Song - Pumpernickel and Chorus - "Don't talk to me of marriage as if that were bliss personified..."
  3. Waltz Song - Greta - "Love is tyrant to all, holding hearts in his thrall..."
  4. Trio - Pumpernickel, Aufpassen and Stephan - "In the ballet I saw her one rapturous night..."
  5. Wedding Music - Duke Rodolph and Chorus - "Welcome to our new found brother, may you ever love each other..."
  6. Song - Rodolph - "In ancient days, the darkly superstitious, which now are comic, though they then were tragic..."
  7. Ensemble - Principals and Chorus - "There's an end to all things pleasant, gayest hours take swiftest flight..."
  8. Duet - Greta and Otto - "Greta, my little sister dear! Greta, I have news for you, come here! ..."
  9. Finale Act II - "There are your pris'ners, tackle 'em! Quick, with your handcuffs, shackle 'em! ..."

ACT III - Exterior of Schloss and Convent, overlooking Linz.

  1. Introduction and Opening Chorus - "The grey dawn is breaking; the stars take their flight..."
  2. Tyrolean Song - Greta and Girls - "In a valley green, towering hills between, with the Alps high above..."
  3. Septette - Greta, Marie, Otto and others - "Lovely nature, fare thee well, azure skies and summer air..."
  4. Trio - Pumpernickel, Aufpassen and Stephan - "Just suppose that I am going to arrest you; do you follow me? ..."
  5. Finale Act III - Greta and Chorus - "What is the song that thou singest forever? ..."


Scenes and settings

Act 1: Franz Josef's Platz in Linz, (Austria.)
Act 2: Bridal apartments in the Ducal Palace.
Act 2: Exterior of Schloss and Convent, overlooking Linz .

Period July 1820.