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LogoRobin Prince of Sherwood

Music and lyrics by Rick Fenn and Peter Howarth

Piccadilly Theatre, 3 February, 1993


The story begins in 1191 with King Richard I recruiting men to join him on the Crusade to the Holy Land. Robin Hood is the first from the village to volunteer.

In the King's absence, corrupt officials exploit the people. One such person is the Sheriff of Nottingham. The evil witch, Morgana, offers the Devil's Contract to the Sheriff which he must sign with blood. He contracts to sign his soul to the Devil in return for power and wealth.

The people of Nottingham cannot afford to buy food due to the high taxes which the Sheriff imposes on them and when the Sheriff arrives to collect yet more tax, Robin's father, the Earl of Loxley, tries to defend the people but is taken prisoner, together with Marion, who is betrothed to Robin.

Robin senses all is not well back in Nottingham and decides to return home from the Holy Land. On his return he meets up with Little John, a well respected leader of the people of Sherwood. After a fight they become friends and Little John eventually supports Robin's plan that the men from Sherwood should form an army to fight the Sheriff.

Meanwhile Robin manages to see Marion, who is still a prisoner inside the Sheriffs Castle. She throws down her hooded cloak so that he can disguise himself but they are seen by Guy of Gisbourne, the Sheriffs right hand man.

The Sheriff is war~ied by Morgana, who is able to foretell the future, to expect trouble from a "hooded man" and Guy of Gisbourne tells the Sheriff that he saw such a man with Marion.

One year later and Robin has taught the men of Sherwood to fight with arrows and swords. He is now known as Robin, Prince of Sherwood and Little John is his right hand man. They steal a year's worth of taxes from the Sheriff to distribute to the poor.

The Sheriff is furious that his taxes have been stolen and manages to establish that the culprits are Robin Hood and his men. At Morgana's suggestion, the Sheriff announces that he is to marry Marion so as to lure Robin to the Castle so he can be captured and hanged with his father.

Robin reads the announcement of the forthcoming marriage between the Sheriff and Marion. Little John and Will Scarlet suggest that if Robin marries her first, then she will be unable to marry the Sheriff. Robin, Little John and Friar Tuck sneak up to the Sheriff s Castle in the hope that Friar Tuck can perform the ceremony. Unfortuanately, the Sheriff appears and they are captured. The prisoners are escorted into place ready for their death, when a hooded figure appears looking for Robin. The hooded figure demands the release of the prisoners in the name of the King. The Sheriff orders his guards to arrest the figure who then reveals himself as King Richard. The prisoners are released but the Sheriff refuses to surrender and fights to his death. King Richard knights Robin. Robin and Marion are reunited and their marriage takes place.

The moral of the story - good has triumphed over evil.

Musical Numbers:


  1. Prologue - Alan Adale
  2. Robin Hood - Robin and Company
  3. King Richard - King Richard and Crusaders
  4. Robin - Verse 2 - Robin
  5. The Devil's Contract - Sheriff and Morgana
  6. The Market Song - Vendors, Villagers and Children
  7. The Sheriff and Loxley - Sheriff and Earl of Loxley
  8. A Bridge Across Forever - Robin and Marion
  9. Robin - Verse 3 - Robin
  10. Little John - Little John, Robin and Outlaws
  11. A Bridge Across Forever - reprise - Robin and Marion
  12. Hanging Around - Alan Adale, Little John and outlaws
  13. Robin and Marion - Robin and Marion
  14. Morgana's Bar - Sheriff, Morgana, Guy of Gisbourne and Satanists
  15. Friar Tuck - Robin, Friar Tuck and Alan Adale
  16. Call Me Robin Hood - Robin


  1. The Sheriff Of Nottingham - Sheriff and Morgana
  2. Robin, Prince Of Sherwood - Robin and Outlaws
  3. The Robbery - Outlaws and Guards
  4. Sisters Of Sodom - Morgana, Marion and Satanists
  5. The Sheriff and Marion - Sheriff, Marion and Morgana
  6. A Bridge Across Forever - reprise - Marion
  7. It's Raining Gold - Robin, Outlaws, Villagers and Children
  8. Damn These Eyes - Robin
  9. The Wedding Train - Robin, Outlaws and Villagers
  10. The Wholey Bible - Robin, Friar Tuck and Little John
  11. I Believe In My Dreams - Robin
  12. The Lights Grow Dim - Alan Adale, King Richard and Outlaws
  13. The Hanging - Sheriff, Robin, King Richard and Morgana
  14. Stronger - Robin and Company
  15. Call Me Robin Hood - reprise and finale - Robin and Company


Sisters of Sodom: Satanists: Merrie Men: Villagers: Children


Keyboards (2)