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or The Mythical Isle of Oolong

A Musical Extravaganza (Comic Opera) in 3 Acts. Book by George E. Stoddard. Music by Ben M. Jerome. Lyrics by Charles S. Taylor.

Lyric Theatre, New York - 1st - 17th September, 1904 (17 perfs)


Heinrich Lempauser, a Chicago alderman on a Cook's tour, is not quite voluntarily enlisted as the dead chef's replacement by the obstinate Rajah, who refuses to accept that a Cook's tour is not a Chef's tour. The navy lands to effect a rescue and Lt. Harry Parker falls in love with the Rajah's daughter. They override a revolution, and a happy ending ensues.

(from American Musical Theatre - A Chronicle Third edition - Gerald Bordman)

Musical Numbers

  1. Opening Chorus - "As Befits My Rank and Station" - Lord Mito
  2. "The Tale of the Tailless Frog" - Princess Teto
  3. "When Old Glory Floats from Everywhere" - Harry
  4. "It's a Way They Have in Chicago" - Heinrich
  5. "Hail the Rajah" (Rajah Bold Am I) - Rajah, Ensemble
  6. "Would You If You Were I?" (Trio) - Princess Teto, Kitty, Heinrich
  7. "Let Me Go Back" - Heinrich Finale
  8. "O, Glorious Sun" (Opening Chorus) - Ensemble
  9. "What Color Eyes Do You Love Best?" (Duet) - Princess Teto, Harry
  10. "O'Reilly" - Kitty
  11. "An Admirable Admiral" - Admiral Noble, Mabel
  12. "Old Mother Goose"- Mabel
  13. "Away to the Mountains" - Company Finale
  14. "We Are a Band of Gentlemen" - Lord Mito, Bandits
  15. "In the Morning" - Heinrich
  16. "What's the Matter with My Man in the Moon?" - Princess Teto
  17. "Napenee" - Kitty, Harry
  18. Finale

Interpolated Numbers


Triko, Salamo, Kamo, Tomo, Mohat, Kavat, Mariat, Bomat - Court Beauties

Court Pages, Soldiers and Sailors.

Scenes and Settings

The action takes place on the mythical Isle of Oolong.

Act 1: Exterior of Rajah's Palace.
Act 2: Interior of Rajah's Palace.
Act 3: Rendezvous of the Oolong bands, Kibul Mountans.

Musical Numbers from the Vocal Score

ACT I - Exterior, Rajah's Palace, on the Mythical Isle of Oolong.

  1. Opening Chorus - "We are ladies fair of this beautiful Isle, our gowns you see have plenty of style; our aim in life, as you can see, is to look as sweet..."
  2. Song - Mito and Chorus - "Oh, I am Mito the great, in defiance even of fate, I kill them dead who would slay me instead, because I would rule in state..."
  3. Song - Princess Teto and Chorus - "Once a little frog sat on a log; thoughtfully he winked his eye; he did not bewail 'cause he had no tail..."
  4. Song - Parkes and Chorus - "In our dear native land far, far across the sea, where freedom defies all restraint; each subject bows only to sweet liberty..."
  5. Rajah's Entrance - "Hail the Rajah, good and great; brave and proud he comes in state. Greatest he in all the land, ruling with a master hand..."
  6. Song - Rajah and Chorus - "As Rajah of this beautiful Isle, I am proud ... and to myself I secretly have vowed ... if foes should ever cross the main..."
  7. Song - Lemphauser and Chorus - "I come from Chicago, that place that is famed for its Y.M.C.A. institutions, where men have the right to go 'round..."
  8. Trio - Lemphauser, Kitty and Teto - "I dreamed I met a pretty maid that filled my soul with bliss. She pouted up her cherry lips, and told me I might kiss..."
  9. Finale Act I - "Let all Oolong with praise resound, a Royal Chef our Rajah's found. If he had been a moment late, starvation would have been our fate..."

ACT II - The Interior of the Rajah's Palace.

  1. Opening Chorus - "Oh, glorious sun, send down your rays from above upon your subjects here below, and give to us throughout our days thy love..."
  2. Duet - Teto and Parkes - "What color eyes do you love best? .. Well, really, I can't say .. Surely you're speaking now in jest .. Why so, my girlie gay? ..."
  3. Duet - Kitty and Mito - "Once upon a time, in a distant southern clime, a maiden and a kissing bug did dwell; he woo'd her for her hand..."
  4. O'Reilly Song - Kitty and Chorus - "The names that you hear nowadays are most queer, and those of the Russians the worst. Though little Japan..."
  5. Duet - Admiral, Mabel and Chorus - "My epaulets and my station, with the uniform that I wear, were won in the greatest nation that was ever known..."
  6. Song - Mabel and Girls - "Up in the heavens lives old Mother Goose; she never made no noise. She'd sleep all day then she would fly away..."
  7. Finale Act II - "Away to the mountains, away, men, away! To search ev'ry crevice, to search night and day, and when we unearth them each bandit..."

ACT III - Rendezvous of the Oolong Bandits, Kibul Mountains.

  1. Song - Mito & Bandits - "We are a band of gentlemen who banded are together, our object is to live and live quite well. My name you know is great Mito..."
  2. Song - Lemphauser - "There's a sweet delicious odor that pervades the atmosphere; it fills the air most ev'rywhere, particularly here... "
  3. Song - Teto & Chorus - "Ev'ry ev'ning when the sun goes down and the night creeps on apace, I'm a-looking for the man I love and a sight of his dear face."
  4. Finale Act III - "I'm going back - yes, yes - I'm going back - yes, yes - to that dear old Chicago town. Will you go back? - yes, yes - I'll take you back..."