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A Revue: Music: Herman Finck. Book and Lyrics: C.M.S. McLellan. Additional lyrics by Davy Burnaby, Hartley Carrick, Clifford Grey and Fitz Rice.

Alhambra Theatre, London - 19th July 1917

Musical Numbers

  1. Here Comes Tootsie (Violet Loraine, Chorus)
  2. Some Girl Has Got To Darn His Socks (Violet Loraine)
  3. Someday I'll Make You Love Me (Violet Loraine)
  4. The DSO and the VAD (Dan Agar, Jack Buchanan, Nelson Keys, Alfred Lester, Violet Loraine)
  5. When the Right Girl Comes Along (Stanley Logan, Chorus)
  6. Round the Map
  7. Hurrah For the Rolling Sea (Alfred Lester)
  8. A Conscientious Objector (Alfred Lester)
  9. When All the Girls Go By
  10. Madame Kapinski
  11. Boum Song
  12. My Waltz Queen
  13. Lazy
  14. Lulu
  15. Coon Song
  16. Impi