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Quick, Quick, Slow

Musical in 2 acts: Music by Monty Norman, Lyrics by Julian More, Book by David Turner adapted from the television play, Way Off Beat.

Birmingham Repertory Theatre, 20 August - 27 September, 1969 (season)

Musical Numbers

  1. A Tiny Silver Pot
  2. One Step Ahead
  3. Something to Look Forward To
  4. Nothing to Look Forward To
  5. Going Round in Circles
  6. Ballroom
  7. Gang Bang
  8. Inside Knowledge
  9. In the Middle of the Dance
  10. Mister Antonio Laveline
  11. I Went All the Way
  12. Linda's Place
  13. They Can't Sabotage My Big Night
  14. Arthur's Beautiful Moment
  15. The Wearin' of the Gown
  16. We've Come to the End of the Road, Love.