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The No Frills Revue

Cherry Lane Theatre Off-Broadway November 25, 1987 (207 perfs)

Sketches, music and lyrics mostly by (in alphabetical order) Michael Abbott, Douglas Bernstein and Denis Markell, Craig Carnelia, Martin Charnin, David Finkle and Sally Fay, Ronny Graham, Marvin Hamlisch, Brian Lasser, Michael Leeds, Thomas Meeham, Bill Weeden, Sarah Weeks. Dialogue and segues by Martin Charnin, Douglas Bernstein and Denis Markell. Entire production conceived and originally directed by Martin Charnin

A bevy of Broadway and off-Broadway composers and writers have created the ultimate review - no frills, generic, melodic, funny, satiric and not liable to date in our lifetime. The No-Frills Revue takes original songs, sketches, nine cast members and a combo, trio the world as we know those irritating supermarket checkouts, private lives together, classic Abbott & Costello farce updated and some intriguing "new" musicals, including Annie as written by Stephen Sondheim!

Musical Numbers:

  1. Being With Me
  2. A Brand New Hammer
  3. Come On Midnight
  4. I Know Where The Bodies Are Buried
  5. It Hasn't Been Easy
  6. My Reunion Prayer
  7. The Nine Supreme Chords
  8. The No-Frills Revue
  9. Privacy
  10. Someone's Got To Do It
  11. Stools
  12. Tippy-Tappy
  13. We Have To Sing This Song

Cast: 3 men, 3-6 women

Instrumentation: percussion, piano, synthesizer