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Nightclub Cantata

Revue: Music and lyrics by Elizabeth Swados: Comprising twenty original songs, set to texts drawn from contemporary prose and poetry

Theatre: Top of the Gate, Off-Broadway - January 9, 1977 (145 perfs)


Using a fast-moving revue format, this immensely inventive theatre piece provides a truly distinctive and delightful experience for performers and audiences alike.

The material, all set to original music by Miss Swados, is drawn from the works of such writers as Sylvia Plath, Muriel Rukeyser, Carson McCullers and Miss Swados herself, and runs the gamut from hilarious farce to the sadness of lovers' parting. The result, in the words of Clive Barnes, "is an all-singing, all-dancing, all-acting show a show that is clearly a life view about people, animals and the things we do to one another."


4 men, 4 women.

Musical Numbers:

  1. Adolescents
  2. The Applicant
  3. Are You With Me?
  4. The Ballad of the Sad Café
  5. Bestario
  6. Bird Chorus
  7. Bird Lament
  8. The Dance
  9. Dibarti
  10. In Dreams Begin Responsibilities
  11. Indecision Isabella
  12. On Living
  13. Pastrami Brothers
  14. Raga
  15. Things I Didn't Know I Loved
  16. To the Harbour Master
  17. Ventriloquist and Dummy
  18. Waiting
  19. Waking This Morning