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Nell's Belles

Nell's Belles

The swinging 16 sixties show

Musical in 2 Acts by Kjartan Poskitt


The 1660s was an amazing time to be alive. As well as the plague and the great fire of London, there was the opening of Drury Lane Theatre where a bunch of hopeful girls hoped to find an escape from life in the nearby bawdy house. Find out how their outrageous antics lead to the love story of Charles II and his girlfriend Nell Gwyn - and how they went on to re-shape history.

( Obviously it all had to be hushed up at the time for national security reasons, but at last the real truth can be told! And if you don't believe it - you know what they say about the sixties: if you claim to know exactly what went on, you can't have been there.)

The show was especially written to give lots of good roles for women, and it includes plenty of comedy and lively rock songs.


Over 35 speaking parts including Charles, Nell, Nell's drunk mother, her pickpocket sister, the telepathic twins, the fortune teller, Charles' "official" mistresses, his scheming brother James and loads more including a whole army of charladies. Lots of chorus work. Many doubles/triples possible. (Minimum cast about 12).

Age range: Suitable for any large varied group although a few small edits may be appropriate if under 10s are involved.


A basic stage set with two doors which fulfil a variety of roles including tavern entrances, bedroom doors, bathing huts, stage exits etc. Extra props (including a blue sea cloth for the beach scene) and furniture are quickly brought or struck to suggest locations as needed.


15 songs (including reprises) mainly dance/rock numbers but also a couple of slow swings and ballads. Most songs are scored with lead and backing vocals. Backing tracks available, also piano/vocal score, optional extra band parts for drums, bass, guitar, sax.