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Cover to Original Cast Recording

Music by Timothy Williams; Lyrics by Andrew Sabiston.

Elgin Theatre, Toronto - 23 March 1994
Shaftesbury Theatre, London - 17 October, 2000 - 3 February, 2001 (127 perfs)

Director: Francesca Zambello
Decor: Michael Yeargan
Costumes: Marie-Jeanne Lecca
Lighting: Rick Fisher
Projections: Jan Hartley
Sound: Martin Levan with Hendrik Maassen
Choreography: Denni Sayers
Military Choreography: David Leong
Musical Director: David Charles Abell
Musical supervision: Seann Alderking
Orchestrations: Jonathan Tunick
Hair and Make-up: Michael Ward


A musical that documented the Corsican Napoleon's life from his first meeting with Josephine to the battle of Waterloo.

The plot centres on two aspects of Napoleon’s life : his rise from a common man to the leading war general and Emperor of France, illustrated with battle-scenes, the disastrous attack and retreat from Russia, the lavish coronation in Notre Dame and, of course, Waterloo; and alongside these epic events, his romantic relationship with his first wife, Josephine de Beauharnais.

After a passionate start and a few hitches when Josephine is caught being unfaithful, his scheming minister  Talleyrand, and his two sidekicks, Garreau and Fouché, force Napoleon to divorce Josephine because she has failed to produce an heir.

Original Cast

Napoleon - Paul Baker/Uwe Kroger
Josephine - Anastasia Barzee
Talleyrand - David Burt
Fouché - David Arneil
Garreau - Teddy Kempner
Lucien - Nigel Richards
Thérèse - Sarah Ingram
Anton - Jody Crosier
Montenotte - Nicholas Pound
Clarice - Lynsey Britton
Charles - Tom Sellwood
Radet - Andy Mace
Marie-Louise - Kristin Hellberg


Steve Bradford, Jacqueline Braun, Anthony Cable, lain Davey, Heather Davies, Nicholas Dunbar, Christopher Fennessy, Susie Fenwick, Hugh Futcher, Lydia Griffiths, Kristin Hoick, Gerard Leighton, Roy Litvin, Oliver Marshall, Anthony Moulton, Anita Pashley, Vincent Pirillo,
Louisa Shaw and Mark Stobbart

Musical Numbers

  1. Overture
  2. The Dream Within - Napoleon, Anton
  3. Cut Throat Game - Talleyrand, Garrau, Fouché
  4. The Road To Austria - Napoleon, Male Ensemble
  5. On That First Night - Napoleon & Josephine
  6. Tale Of The Sculptors - Sculptors
  7. Calm Before The Storm - Lucien
  8. Timor Mortis - Ensemble
  9. Sweet Victory Divine - Napoleon
  10. Walls Of Stone - Josephine
  11. Last Crusade - Napoleon, Montenotte, Radet
  12. Friend You Were To Me - Josephine & Therese
  13. The Day Is Won (Napoleon's Return) - Ensemble
  14. Waiting & Hoping - Clarise & Female Ensemble
  15. Finale - Napoleon & Josephine