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Naked Boys Singing

cover to original cast recording

A Revue in 2 Acts. Conceived by Robert Schrock. Words and music by writers shown in Musical Numbers listing.

Celebration Theatre, Los Angeles, CA - 28 March, 1998

Musical Numbers

The performers named are those on the Premiere Cast Recording.


  1. Gratuitous Nudity - Company
    Stephen Bates, music & lyrics (additional lyrics: Robert Schrock & Mark Winkler. additional music: Shelly Markham)
  2. The Naked Maid - Brian Beacock
    David Pevsner, music & lyrics
  3. The Bliss of a Bris - Tod Macofsky
    Marie Cain, music & lyrics
  4. Window to Window - Vincent Zamora
    Rayme Sciaroni, music & lyrics
  5. Fight the Urge - Tod Macofsky, Christopher Gilbert, Brian Beacock & Company
    David Pevsner lyrics : David Pew Rayne Sciaroni, music
  6. Robert Mitchum - Steve Gideon + Tony Davis, Trance Thompson, Brian Beacock
    Mark Winkler, lyrics : Shelly Markham, music
  7. Jack's Song - Tony Davis, Christopher Gibert, Mike Haboush & Company
    Jim Morgan, lyrics : Ben Schaechter, music


  1. Members Only - Company
    Stephen Bates, Robert Schrock, lyrics : Stephen Bates. music
  2. Perky Little Porn Star - Tony Davis
    David Pevsner, music & lyrics
  3. Stripped - Trance Thompson
    Mark Savage, music & lyrics
  4. K ris, Look What You've Missed - Steve Gideon
    Robert Schrock, lyrics : Stephen Bates, music
  5. Muscle Addiction - Mike Haboush + Company
    Mark Savage, music & lyrics
  6. Window to Window (reprise) - Brian Beacock
    Rayme Sciaroni, music & lyrics
  7. Nothin' But The Radio On - Christopher Gibert +Tony Davis & Tod Macofsky
    Mark Winkler, lyrics : Shelly Markham, music
  8. Window to the Soul - Steve Gideon, Trance Thompson, Brian Beacock, Vincent Zamora
    Stephen Bates, music & lyrics
  9. Finale - Company
    Stephen Bates, music & lyrics