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A musical play in 3 acts by C. M. S. McLellan. Music by Ivan Caryll.

Aldwych Theatre, London - 10th January - 27th April, 1907 (107 perfs)


Nelly Neil was a sweet little Socialist, rallying every available man to her cause. They are successful defeating the enemy in the form of the anarchist Prince Rasslova, who is plotting to blow up the bank owned by the father of the rich Billy Ricketts, the inamorata of Nelly Neil, whom she eventually weds amidst pomp and splendour - despite the simple Socialist life she has espoused.

Principal Musical Numbers

  1. The Millennium
  2. Come Out and Be Free
  3. Simplicity Farm
  4. The Simple Life
  5. Life is Now
  6. The Uniform I Wear
  7. What's the Use of Going to Bed?
  8. Such a Bore
  9. The Cigarette Song
  10. Take the Road
  11. Demon
  12. Jane the Suffragette
  13. They Never Would Be Missed
  14. Follow On (interpolated song from Belle of New York)


  • Nelly Neil
  • Billy Ricketts
  • Nordheim (alias Donetti) Duke of Tysmoke
  • Viscount Larktenbigh
  • Duke of Penge
  • Earl Bursley
  • Mr Tizzle
  • Captain Neil
  • Orloff
  • Smith Minimus
  • Simcoe
  • Gustave
  • Inspector
  • Bank Messenger
  • Princess Rasslova
  • Countess of Rokeby
  • Lady Dulcie Oddling
  • Mrs Neil
  • Hon. Muriel Vickery
  • Lady Theo Thistle
  • Lady Noreen Jenks
  • Lady Mollie Brent
  • Lurlina Tizzle
  • Verbena Tizzle
  • Crystal Kibblewhite
  • Gwendoline Geeks
  • Phoebe Hacker
  • Gloriana Tribb
  • Myrtle Dimity
  • Maud Arklight
  • Isabel Nestle
  • Chloris Van Quiver
  • Timmy Tucker
  • Preciosa Patterson