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Mr Popple (of Ippleton)

A Comedy with music in 3 Acts by Paul Rubens. Music by Paul Rubens.

Apollo Theatre, London - 14 November, 1905; Transferred to the Shaftesbury Theatre 17th March, 1906. Closed 5th May, 1906 (173 perfs)


Freddy Popple is a country fellow of a certain naivety. He prefers the country and would rather chase rabbits than ladies, but on this occasion he has been obliged to come up to the big city and he bumbles his way into the Piccadilly Hotel only to find that there is no room available. To his rescue comes the beautiful actress, La Boléro who lives in the hotel and who has an apartment which she will lend to Freddy. The apartment has been rented for her by two amorous gentlemen, each of whom is paying the whole rent and is unaware of the other's existence. But since this is London and not Paris, La Boléro has never used the apartment. Her fancies have been taken by another Mr Popple, Freddy's sophisticated brother Norman, but he has left her and La Boléro resolves to have her revenge by taking up with his country brother.

In the apartment, in the second act, much action ensues – the two gentleman lessees arrive followed by their wives, not to mention a bevy of actresses, friends of La Boléro, and the fun is fast and furious until the actress, to get out of a spot, declares that Freddy is her husband.

The final act, set at a motor carnival, sees everything sorted out. Boléro weds an old admirer, the erring husbands are reconciled to their wives and good old Freddy catches the first train back to Ippleton and the rabbits.

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