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Cast Recording

A musical in 2 acts. Music and lyrics by David Bryan; book and lyrics by Joe DiPietro. Lloosely based on the life of Memphis disc jockey, Dewey Phillips

North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly, Massachusetts - 2003-04 season and
TheatreWorks - Mountain View, California
Shubert Theatre, Broadway - 19th October, 2009.


In Memphis, Tennessee in the 1950s, Huey Calhoun, a white department store employee, discovers his love of rock 'n roll. He discovers African American Felicia Farrell, who performs in the segregated night club owned by her brother Delray. Upon being fired from his job, Huey gets a job as a disc jockey for a local radio station. He begins to play the black music. His producer is a little sceptical in the beginning, until the ratings come in.

Huey, fulfilling a promise he made to Felicia when he first began his show, plays her songs on his radio show, starting the "Golden Era of Rock 'n' Roll". Huey and Felcia are in love, but they must keep it secret because of the backlash they fear from the public.

One night, while walking to a party at Delray's night club, Huey proposes to Felicia, but when a group of white men catch them kissing they are both beaten with a baseball bat. Huey, however, continues to rise in popularity. He begins to promote a television dance show featuring teens, with rock 'n' roll music, but Felicia is still scared from the attack and wants to move to New York.

MemphisFelicia is soon discovered by a man from New York, and wants her and Delray to come back with him. Huey pleads with her not to go, until the man tells him about the possibility of hosting a rock 'n' roll show there. Huey agrees to this, and a man from a New York television program is sent to watch his show. The man enjoys Huey's show but insists in changing the back-up dancers if his show is to be broadcast on a national level. Huey becomes upset by the thought of having to replace his black dancers with white ones, so he proceeds to forfeit his chances by taking his clothes off on-air.

He tells Felicia about the problem with the back-up dancers and she agrees with the man; she is willing to do whatever it takes to get Huey to come to New York with her. Huey, feeling let down by Felicia, decides to prove his love for her. Huey kisses her on air and is then fired, with all hope for a show in New York lost. Felicia however still must go if she is to get her chance at a singing career.

She is unable to convince Huey, who says that Memphis is his only home. The two part ways. Felicia goes to New York to continue her career, and Huey stays behind and becomes a disc jockey for a much less popular radio station. Felicia goes on to become a successful singer and gets engaged to another man. Four years later, Felicia's tour stops in Memphis, and she is able to convince Huey to join her on stage one last time.

Musical Numbers

  1. Underground - Delray, Felicia and Company
  2. The Music Of My Soul - Huey, Felicia and Company
  3. Scratch My Itch - Wailin' Joe And Company
  4. Ain't Nothin But A Kiss - Felicia
  5. Everybody Wants To Be Black On A Saturday Night - Company
  6. Make Me Stronger - Huey, Mama, Felicia And Company
  7. Colored Woman - Felcia
  8. Someday - Felicia And Back-Up Singers
  9. She's My Sister - Delray And Huey
  10. Radio - Huey And Company
  11. Say A Prayer - Gator And Company
  12. Crazy Little Huey - Huey And Dancers
  13. Big Love - Bobby
  14. Love Will Stand When All Else Falls - Felicia And Company
  15. Stand Up - Delray, Felicia, Huey, Gator, Bobby And Company
  16. Change Don't Come Easy - Mama, Delray, Gator And Bobby
  17. Tear Down The House - Huey And Dancers
  18. Memphis Lives In Me - Huey And Company
  19. Steal Your Rock 'N' Roll - Huey, Felicia and Company
  20. The Music Of My Soul - David Bryan