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Mama, I Want To Sing

A gospel musical in 2 acts. Book aand lyrics by Vy Higginsen and Ken Wydro. Original music by Rudolph V. Hawkins, Wesley Naylor and Doris Troy

Heckscher Theatre, Off-Broadway. Opened 25 March, 1983. From 2nd February, 1990 played in repertory with Mama, I Want To Sing-Part II (The story continues …)
Cambridge Theatre, London - Opened 1st February, 1995.


The musical is based on a true story, set in Harlem in the late 1940s and 1950s.

Raised in the church by her father, Reverend Dr. Kenneth Winter and mother, Lillian Winter, Amara and her younger brother Luke have a very strong bond. After her fathers untimely death, her mother is thrusts into the limelight in the role as preacher, a daring move that ultimately catapults her to the top of the gospel world. Paralleling her mothers success, Amara soon becomes a huge star in her own right, taking the pop music world by storm.

Conflict begins to ensue when her mother is confronted with and unequivocally disapproves of Amara's secular music and videos. Amara must learn to pursue her dreams while both navigating the often treacherous world of celebrity and striving to remain true to herself and family. Amara and her mother must work through their differences realizing that their journeys are not quite so different after all.

Musical Numbers

  1. The Treasure of Love
  2. D.J. Sequence - Narrator
  3. Choir Rehearsal
  4. You Are My Child
  5. Faith Can Move a Mountain
  6. i Know Who Holds Tomorrow
  7. He'll Be Your Strength
  8. Gifted Is
  9. D.J. Sequence - Narrator
    Star Sequence Medley: This Bitter Earth
    Stormy Weather
    In My Solitude
    God Bless the Child
  10. Mama, I Want to Sing
  11. I'll Do Anything
  12. What Do You Win When You Win?
  13. Take My Hand
  14. His Eye Is On the Sparrow
  15. Take My Hand
  16. Know When To Leave the Party
  17. Just One Look
  18. The One Who Will Love Me