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Million Dollar Quartet

Musical compilation show. Book by Colin Escott and Floyd Mutrux.

Nederlander Theatre, Broadway - April 11, 2010 (Previews from 13 March). Closed 12th June, 2011 (489 perfs; 34 previews)

Noël Coward Theatre, London - February 28, 2011, (previews from February 8); Closed 14th January, 2012.


Inspired by the actual event, that took place on December 4, 1956 at Sun Records in Memphis. The musical is a story of fame, friendship, discovery, professional jealousy, divided loyalties and the outstanding creativity of four of the world's most extraordinary musical talents, all in their creative prime, making music together for the first and only time in their historic careers.

The now legendary meeting was organised by Sun Records' founder Sam Phillips, who discovered all four of the musicians, and brought Elvis Presley (with his then girlfriend) back to the recording studio that launched him to stardom. Together with Sun Records' fast-rising new country music superstar Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins, who was still looking for his next big hit after writing and recording Blue Suede Shoes, the fourth member of this impromptu "quartet" was Phillips' latest signing, the soon to be legendary, Jerry Lee Lewis.


On December 4, 1956, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley assemble at the Sun Record recording studio in Memphis, Tennessee.

Established performer Carl Perkins was to record songs with a new performer, Jerry Lee Lewis. Elvis Presley stops by the studio along with his girlfriend, a singer named Dyanne (at the real session, Elvis' girlfriend was a dancer named Marilyn).[23] Johnny Cash has stopped by to talk to recording impresario Sam Philips. They soon have a jam session together. Philips attempts to re-sign Johnny Cash to a new contract, unaware he has already signed with Columbia Records. Typically, as a member from the Quartet enters for the first time, he sings a verse of one of his most famous songs, followed by an onstage freeze of all actors. During this time Sam Philips relates to the audience how he first discovered the boy, and a brief, few line scene of that moment occurs between Philips and the musician, followed by Sam Phillips asking the boy to play something for him, which is the next verse of the song, and everyone unfreezes.

Musical numbers

  1. Blue Suede Shoes (Music and Lyrics By Carl L. Perkins) – Company
  2. Real Wild Child (Music and Lyrics By John O'Keefe, John Greenan and Dave Owens) – Jerry Lee Lewis
  3. Matchbox (Music and Lyrics By Carl L. Perkins) – Carl Perkins
  4. Who Do You Love? (Music and Lyrics By Ellas McDaniel) – Carl Perkins
  5. Folsom Prison Blues (Music and Lyrics By John R. Cash) – Johnny Cash
  6. Fever (Music and Lyrics By Eddie Cooley and Johnny Davenport) – Dyanne
  7. Memories Are Made of This (Music and Lyrics By Terry Gilkyson,Richard Dehr and Frank Miller) – Elvis Presley
  8. That's All Right (Music and Lyrics By Arthur Crudup) – Elvis Presley
  9. Brown Eyed Handsome Man (Music and Lyrics By Chuck Berry) – Company
  10. Down by the Riverside – Company
  11. Sixteen Tons (Music and Lyrics By Merle Travis) – Johnny Cash
  12. My Babe (Music and Lyrics By Willie Dixon) – Carl Perkins
  13. Long Tall Sally (Music and Lyrics By Robert Blackwell, Enotris Johnson and Richard Penniman) – Elvis Presley
  14. Peace in the Valley (Music and Lyrics By Thomas A. Dorsey) – Company
  15. Walk the Line (Music and Lyrics By John R. Cash) – Johnny Cash
  16. I Hear You Knockin (Music and Lyrics By Dave Bartholomewand Pearl King) – Dyanne
  17. Party (Music and Lyrics By Jessie Mae Robinson) – Carl Perkins and Company
  18. Great Balls of Fire (Music and Lyrics By Otis Blackwell and Jack Hammer) – Jerry Lee Lewis
  19. Down by the Riverside (Reprise) – Company
  20. Hound Dog (Music and Lyrics By Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller) – Elvis Presley
  21. Ghost Riders (Music and Lyrics By Stan Jones) – Johnny Cash
  22. See You Later Alligator (Music and Lyrics By Robert Guidry) – Carl Perkins
  23. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (Music and Lyrics By Curly Williams) – Jerry Lee Lewis